[WR] 🔥 Ultimate VS Eldritch ARES Pulsar – Mk3 Gameplay | War Robots

Hello to every fellow commander and thanks for tuning in!
In this video I will be presenting mk3 maxed gameplay and a short comparison between Ultimate Pulsar Ares and Eldritch Ares Pulsar Magnetar. Hope you enjoy!

Video Chapters
00:00 Intro & design comparison
00:44 Firepower comparison
01:13 Ability DMG comparison
01:30 Game 1: Ultimate Ares
11:08 Game 2: Eldritch Ares
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  1. Ultimate Ares and ultimate pulsar. They are buffed and better than their normal versions but not to a point that seems over the limit. The bot gets ultra-fast with Kestrel though especially when using that ability.

  2. Good afternoon Aygir, I won the crissis giveway and so far it hasn't arrived, could you check for me? My ID: 6HWBJQ

  3. Not worth the thousands of dollars for this rip off ares. Original works just fine and does the exact same damage. Y’all just get an OG ares with pulsar and magnetar and you’ll be much happier. They literally do the same damage, but the only difference is that the “ultimate” ares has a tiny bit more range. Save your money and get something else

  4. Good in that there is some balance between them

  5. It's not like pulsar was weak to get an ultimate edition… What's the point of it?

  6. $80 cost per 1 ultimate pulsar. Pixonic are crazy!

  7. Can you do a comparison between ultimate pulsar and hazard?

  8. I know Ultimate edition are better but they can't compete against limited edition ones.

  9. É extremamente satisfatório ver vc jogar, vc joga bem demais

  10. Ares compared to the copy of its. Ultimate Ares isn't Ares, its a ripoff, it doesn't even deserve to be called Ares. They just re-released the robot instead of buffing the original version, if they actually though it needed a buff. It all started with "Ultimate Editions make older equipment better" and continues with "Ultimate Editions for all T4 robots, re-releasing them.

    Normal Ares >>>>>>>>

  11. They are doing this just because they don’t like the income from buffs/new legendary pilots. Ares already got a buff and a new Legendary pilot. We’ve seen it was really powerful. At this point we expect buffs but instead they give us these which are absolutely impossible to get… Great job Pixonic..

  12. They give away kestrels that we cannot improve if they only give at least 25 microchips a day xd

  13. I’m glad it’s obtainable without having to spend money. I’m not so glad that you need to spend 12 hours a day trying to fill the leaderboards just to get it

  14. wait where did the 4th pulsar come from? 2 special delivery leaderboards and a TDM leaderboard, what's the last one?

  15. The thing that no one realizes that a normal magnetar is better than pulsar so its almsot 4 medium weapons

  16. do we know for sure that the warren ozu pilot works on the ultimate ares?

  17. Ulitmate ares are for those who also give their life savings to only fans girls

  18. Ultimate Ares seems so much fun. Too bad it's pretty much unobtainable unless you spend a bunch.

    Btw, how's the Hammer Lynx build doing for you?

  19. Honestly a 19% increase to damage doesn’t seem like much of a “ultimate” upgrade, with Orkans they made them do way more damage fixed the worst part about them which was the reload and gave them 50m extra range, but the pulsar just got a little bit more damage and made them look cooler, also take into account that it was 19% better when it was 4 ultimate pulsars vs 2 normal pulsars and 2 magnetars. Defo not worth it

  20. You say it's not worth buying them, but you still buy them?

  21. Hello 👍👍👍👍🇧🇷 show!!

  22. That setup is almost worthy of AYGIR’s skill level.

  23. Since Ultimate Ares gets a speed boost while his ability is active, I think that a brawling setup like Sonics or Harpoons can be quite deadly !

  24. hades and nemesis are still self slowing when shell active this is so stupid they only changed ares

  25. The day when "ULTIMATE" will also be nerfed, I will dig my grave by myself

  26. What a funny thing,Normal pulsar and magnetar's deals same amount of damage 😅

  27. 아레스 뛰는모션이 특이해서 빨리 뛰니깐 재밌네용

  28. They nerf its damaged by 25 percent and just removed 1 second which really has no impact in real time

  29. Does anyone remember the poll they made for aoguang,rhino and Lancelot?
    No news about it but they decided to go for ultimate invader even though no one voted for that…

  30. So instead of pixonic buffing old stuff they decided to take the other route and make the same thing but stronger and make it extremely pricey to milk more money of us the players.
    The ultimates are basically reskins of the old stuff but stronger and I extremely hate the ultimates I wish there weren't made

  31. Ultimate ares has 4 medium weapons and the other one has 2 and 2 light weapons

  32. I think ultimate ares and 4 fainter will strong than pulsar

  33. That was some skillful gameplay, I admit it)

  34. Could you try ultimate pulsar with ardent imugi? I saw a player using that build and its crazier than laser weapon after nerf

  35. Who is paying for weapons and robots? I just play and watch the videos to get free stuff 😂

  36. Can you tell me the name of the song that started at 7:30? It also plays at the beggining of the Game 2

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