[WR] 🔥 BEST Setup & Skills For INDRA? (HIGH Speed) – Titan Gameplay | War Robots

Hello to every fellow commander and thanks for tuning in!
In this video I will be presenting my recent favorite module and pilot skill setup combination for Indra which consists of titan accelerators and speed skills. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. This setup I was just trying for fun. But after running it multiple times; fun besides, I really started thinking that this is the best setup-module-pilot skill combo for Indra. All these years I’ve been fiddling around with increasing damage and durability for Indra until recently when I found out that speed can open room for more potential, particularly for this titan. Indra gets quite fast not only during its normal movement but also highly fast during transcendence. This helps in getting in and out of heated situations very easily. Sure, durability and firepower are lacking a bit but thanks to its higher maneuverability Indra becomes much harder to deal with. If you are an Indra user on budget, I wouldn’t advice you to switch to this setup but if you have plenty resources to spare this may be a good idea to try out on your Indra. What do you guys think?

  2. Hello Aygir today is my birthday 😀 17th of May!!

  3. Interesting build, I can definitely see how Indra can work really well with speed. Mine is built more towards durability, but I can get overwhelmed by fast attacks. With this build you're able to almost guarantee you get to cover due to the speed. And while other titans are hard focused onto one role, Indra can focus on full speed and still have the damage and durability to back up the speed.

  4. I am impressed with how many people forget that lasso heals Indra during it's duration. Yeah, against titan in 1v1 it won't do much. But in 1v1 against someone who is not Subduer Curie it is a heavy factor. And if Indra lassoed multiple targets and challenges Maha-/Vajra Rook or Luchador, it can pull out a win during that engagement. Bubble guns just destroy Indra

  5. I have the same titan but shotgun weapons. And 2x balanced reactor instead of 2x speed. And l think it's much better as mine Kraken Indra has +1.2 M HP and it's much harder to kill. The pilot skills is max too . I use it very professional and believe me it do wonders.

  6. Now imagine it with Pathfinder and Khepri buffs

  7. Aygir jauh lebih unggul di banding mereka,kenapa karena mereka memakai robot itu-itu saja😂

  8. Would this setup be better than the Bedwyer? Just a curious question being that a Bedwyer somehow just spawned into my hanger lol

  9. Make a video about the ultimate au jun I actually enjoyed it more than the titan showcased today 😅

  10. I ran anindra build with high speed and it's vicious. I use the same stuff but use the caraclysm, one shock, and then the healing gun. It's so slippery because you can pilse in to shock then pulse out to escape.

  11. I wish I have flamethrower weapons for my Indra but sad thing is it's too expensive I'm free to play

  12. In high level champion league there are too many hackers/cheaters.
    Skill is not so necessary when one has the best equipment.
    But, in this video, skill was used in cover…and of course, avalon helps tremendously.
    That's why I don't play or accept 1 vs 1 games, too many cheaters…

  13. How do you get such smooth game play? I have a setup similar to yours but I get crazy amounts of lag and stuttering.

  14. Ngl ue calamity needs a big buff or its just a worse edition of calamity

  15. Ah yes, always enjoy watching Indra in action.

  16. I've been running this exact build, flamethrower Kraken Indra and I've found the right pilot skills are extremely important and can make this thing an absolute savage!

    I currently switch between this and the flames Eiffel but the Indra is so much more fun to play and much more satisfying when you get it right!

    Indra works well with the flamethrowers in so many ways. For instance, whenever you use transcendence that's the perfect opportunity for the flamethrowers to cool down. The mechanics of the flamethrowers fit the mechanics of the Indra perfectly.

    I was surprised to see you were running two Titan accelerators though! That of course explains the awesome speed!

    It was watching your videos that changed my way of thinking and made me realise the value of speed in this game. I then began to run 2 immune amps on many of my bots, not all but many. Speed is an excellent defensive tool.

    I digress, lol, I've been running 2 onslaught reactors and two repair amps on my flame Indra. I don't actually have any Titan accelerators. I always thought that defense and offence took priority over speed with Titans but I may rethink that now. I'll at least give it a try

    Thank you for showing your set up anyway. I don't know if it was in response to my request but I appreciate it all the same. 🫡

  17. Can you use the ultimate shocktrain on the pathfinder

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