League of Legends Wild Rift EKKO IS EVEN MORE BROKEN NOW – NEW BUILD ON 3.4

0:00 Intro
0:30 Ekko Item Build & Runes
2:00 Ekko Gameplay

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  1. Lich bane nashers rabadom infinity void staff

  2. Whenever clearing red on the 1st clear. I dont know about you, but smiting it makes you feel some sort of self relief

  3. I be that young rapper dood 😮‍💨😮‍💨🔥

  4. Thanks for this gameplay, sir DB! 🥰 Let's go!

  5. Love the videos DB. However wouldn't nullifying orb also be a good rune?

  6. Tbh i'd be mad aswell if i were Draven and my mage jungle took the red buff for no reason at all xD

  7. Hi db, i wanted to ask, isn’t it better to get red smite instead of blue to maximise oneshot potential since u already are pretty mobile?

  8. I gave a like…I m waiting for the new season matches ( starting today this is an old video)

  9. Nobody:
    My brain at 2 am: I be that young rapper dooood

  10. Nice Morgana game bro i play janna piskopat

  11. 12:54 –> you knew katarina will go in so you backed off and went back in via your ultimate. Very great play!

  12. Ekko is my GO TO for ap jungler. Someone on pc said to never go lich bane first so I always went infinity orb in to nashors.

    I’ll try what you did next time instead. 😊

  13. Darkbreaker I just want to say : play ekko in mid lane and not in jungle because riot games nerfed his jungle clear and he should be considered as a mid laner and not a jungler

  14. Ekko’s ultimate is so fun, when u 20% hp being chased by someone, ult skill combos turn on the enemy they won’t expect it 😂

  15. Just a little advice in jungle clearing, when you are first doing golems the ones that are the smallest, you don't have to hit them twice, I mean the moment they've been burnt even if u didn't attack them they will die so don waste those seconds there.
    Hope you read this and keep doing these videos 👍

  16. I like having the Infiniti orb passive and would love to use it first but you are heavily relying on people to get the enemy low life to kill them bc you are too weak to all in early game to one shot which is a problem for me when I play echo people don’t do damage bc they just wait for me to engage and get them low life before they attack typically. Believe it or not rift maker is great for echo. You can Q to poke to get it’s passive to max stack before jumping in with W,E about 1 second before Q comes off cd. This allows you get your full passive stack from rift maker. If I notice my team mates actually doing damage enough for me to jump in and finish them off I will go infinity orb from there or D cap if not. But either way those 3 core items for me.

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