Why Dealerships Are NOT Lowering Prices | USED CAR BUBBLE

Andrei Jikh
The used car bubble and why dealerships are not lowering their car prices.
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  1. Right on the money with the carvana call! Down 32% already today

  2. THIS WAS A GREAT Prediction!
    Just looking at Carvava's Stock now and it dropped 37%. I just remembered this video after looking at the stock today.

  3. Cars didn't go up in value, they went up in price 🙂

  4. This was excellent and love the info / one of the best legitimate explanations

  5. I am in the market for a C6 C7 Corvette or 6th Gen Camaro and the prices are still way too high compared to a few years ago. So high that you would be stupid for paying what they are trying to get atm. I really would like to know when those types of cars will come down to where you are not getting ripped off.

  6. Carvana stock has fallen >95% since its peak. Literally fell 40% this week even after cratering. This economy is insane.

  7. Watching this after Carvana reported. On point!!!

  8. The explanation of 4k is complete BS. You can expect 2-5k in add-ons from the dealer

  9. Carvana is going bankrupt. It was an amazing short investment.

  10. Wonder if the fellas in the video has a short position on CVNA? 😂

  11. I'll take the bus before I'll pay for greedy dealership mistakes!

  12. too much work, juice not worth tha squeeze…unless you are buying wayyyy below book

  13. Dealers are just using a no haggle price so you have to pay the price they set…

  14. Lol, dealers got greedy so let them hold the bag. People should just walk in to dealers if they get asked just say no I’m seeing car i would get next year I’m just letting you holding the bag good luck 👍 😝

  15. Man ive been needing a personal vehichle been daily driving my motorcycle however its getting cold cold and IDK if I can wait til december

  16. In the last video they said there is a huge bubble and it is going to get bust and the car prices will be going down like a falling rocket from space!!! But they are finding new reasons why they are not down…. These operational costs are always been there in the dealership and nothing new. Since the underlying price of the car is still not going down, I am not sure why these are focusing on the operational costs as a reason.. This does not add up!!!

  17. So glad stealerships got what they deserve. Greed will take you nowhere… it always remind me what my dad said as a businessman, its not about how much, its a matter of is it sustainable or consistent. He simply said “it’s okay if i make $500 profit a day, as long as it’s everyday. And dont be greedy! A big middle finger to all stealerships! Suck it up buttercups

  18. 1,000 to "recon" a car is ridiculous. They wouldn't acquire a car that needs 1,000 for parts and labor.

  19. Does anyone know if the sales guys got bigger cuts when the dealers were price gouging, or was it only the dealer fattening their pockets?

  20. This is silly … You've had a loss … You refuse to accept it and just make your losses bigger? The logical thing is to accept the loss at the current level to avoid it being worse

  21. About to be buying a 15 year old car for 8k tomorrow. 2007 Honda Accord with 90k miles which even has exterior flaws but mechanically sound. Idk what to do I know I could probably get a much better deal if I waited but I need a car and mine is basically totaled. Furthermore, I’m not a mechanic, nor do I have one in my family… so I don’t want to buy privately from some random hustler. Bad timing for this.

  22. I am in need of a new car but I will wait until at least next summer

  23. Let me buy this overpriced art over this underpriced company stock that’s on sale once every 40 years.

  24. Carvana isn't a dealership. Dealerships are those places all over the USA that aren't in business anymore and have turned into Cricket Wireless shops because of companies like Carvana.

  25. Just buy from individuals and not dealers. ))

  26. This goes back to "The big short" ninja= no income no job. People getting lones with no verifiable income.

  27. Thanks Lucky. You made this understandable. Great vid for car buyers.

  28. To put gas on it 😂😂 really I doubt it

  29. Is this really a good time to buy stocks? I know everyone says the mrkt is ripe enough for buying but will stocks tank further this year? How long until a full stock recovery? How are other people in this mrkt raking in over $250k gains within months, I'm really just confused at this point.

  30. Are you factoring in “used cars” as cars that are being bought out of their initial lease?

  31. No one in the world gets to see this app 🙄

  32. Interesting video, but you lose all credibility pushing art investments for the masses lol

  33. Decision making like that is why so many used car dealerships go out of business. Should have taken the 1k under asking that came in right away. I remember in after the 2008 crisis every single used car dealership where I was from went out of business.

  34. Since inventories keep coming in, dealers should focus on selling out inventories and by the volume. There is indeed a bubble on car prices. Wait for it to pop! There is no such thing as endless consumer value. All things will fall into equilibrium.

  35. Just let regular consumers pay auction price and skip dealerships, problems solved. 😂 Win-win for both auction and consumer, not the dealership.

  36. Nice video. Explains a lot, but I still hate the whole car buying process.

  37. Bro, your videos are goat. 🐐 🔥 definitely the best YouTube channel for everything finance. 💯

  38. Their stuck in a sunk cost fallacy in his example.

  39. But why do they have to keep spending money on gas if the tank is already full in the car already been detailed so

  40. So that's why dealerships charge 300 dollars to change battery.

  41. Nothing makes me sweat more than going to a dealership…

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