Why collection bonus is so important in Sorare!

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  1. LKing (manager name), tried to get as many 1st for hearts! Top of SR and rare for 22/23 versions right now!

  2. Hey Nep! Id love to have you on my Ultimate Sorare XI series on YouTube!

    I’ve been a fan for years and it would be amazing to get your take!

    Anyways, hope the fam is well and good luck for next season!

  3. I was trying to get Dominguez too hahah ….. then you 2 guys went off. I am maex99 in Sorare

  4. It did pay out my RSL collection to get podium

  5. Perfect timing with this video Nep! Just home and got this to wind down and I’m in the middle of finishing my Arsenal limited collection! Believe I’ve got 17 so far, no first owned unfortunately but after I have the full collection and 90 days it should be hugely beneficial

  6. Great video Nep, People don't understand how big the 5% bonus is over the course of a season. And more importantly the amount of fun you get from watching a full stack every week, i cant wait to run my Paris collection across Div 2 Rare Pro, 240 Rare and 220 rare this season due to players getting moves etc!

  7. bro lend me a few cards will return them once i win a few on limited

  8. Glad to see the videos back! My top is my local club FC Dallas, I'm #1 in the world! My club name is TreyoWolf. I haven't won rewards with them together yet but I'm hoping my Chelsea collection helps with rewards soon since its at 5% bonus

  9. I love my collections! These are my collections and what they will be at after the 90 days and/or when I finish my process of buying what I want:
    5%: Minnesota, Coventry, Stade Rennais, Liverpool, Real Salt Lake
    4%: Ajax, Chelsea (Tadic leaving sucks but Ajax will still be decent enough team with some big wins so it's not the end of the world)
    3%: Fiorentina, Barcelona, Colorado, Toronto (GF Insigne and Bernadeschi)

    Thought process for selecting each team falls into one of a few categories:
    1) I support the team (Liverpool and Coventry)
    2) They have a player or two that I really wanted as well as having plenty of other players that on their day score well/play in an SO5 friendly way (Ajax, Chelsea, Toronto, Barca, Rennes)
    3) Lower end sides who can be built for cheap and play in an SO5 friendly way. The idea being their players' scores will become very good if they team overall improves. Typically, I am hoping this is through returns from injury (Diego Rubio returning or now Reynoso has come back) and/or key signings should make them better like Arango for RSL (Minnesota, RSL, Fiorentina, Colorado)

    There will be more teams added but once I finish building these collections. If we get Miami versions of Alba, Busquets and Messi, I will do a Miami collection too. I want to focus of getting my England and USMNT players (I'm English and live in America so support both national teams). England will be painfully expensive but that's because they have lots of good players like Saka and Kane!

    My Gallery name is StartingFresh if you want to check it out. I'm planning on continuing to buy more cards and having a wealth of options. Sorare is fun for me, it's a hobby. All the money I put in I treat as money spent so my gallery value changing doesn't really matter to me. I like keeping my rewards too unless they don't fit in anywhere I think I'll ever go with my gallery or they're overvalued significantly imo.

  10. Southampton FC. 👌 3rd on limited leaderboard currently, just feels so much more personal and to get the so5 bonus is just amazing. Can't wait for the European season to start and see these players playing all over Europe but with my bonus, my collection and Southampton stripes! Also starting to build out PnP Southampton too so will be able to put some tasty lineups together to actually compete across the top! Love sorare.

  11. As a chelsea fan im hoping we have a good core next year that performs consistently, with contracts running for 8 years I could have so much utility for a collection lol

  12. I love your collections and I was very happy about this video with a focus on collections. I'm not that good at the XP bonus myself. First place in the leaderboard only once. But that's because my passion for collecting was already evident before the official collections have been introduced and I didn't collect whole teams, but Number ONEs, Jersey Mints and Champion Editions in general. With the result that my ENTIRE gallery ONLY consists of these special cards. I wish everyone a lot of fun collecting 💖

  13. MattSpargo – ETH Preferred, Trade 120% – Building a few European collections – shall see how they get on when it all kicks off

  14. Entering my first limited tournaments this week wish me luck 💜

  15. Could be bad news on Gustavo — strong links to Eygptian league.

    Great video — good to see content from a genuine club fan not just the usual ROI stuff others do

  16. Love the collections, completed the wolves limited and making ground on a Cincinnati and universitario collections to compete in as many divisions as possible

  17. i got a hertha collection for the upcoming 2nd bundesliga season, 2021 on 3% and 2022 on 4% ( should be 5% in ~30-40 days )
    i hope to win something big before they release the new season cards, season is starting in 2 weeks already. my sorarename: Once

  18. Great video as always nep, love the collections and was a bit unlucky I would say, pohang not keeping a CS to last place and the goal was complete bs, if they had kept it however I would’ve been in 3rd place, getting .075 eth and a star 😭

  19. started my Vancouver whitecaps limited collection ! 5 cards away from completing it , began doing it as i want to watch more of my local team , so having these cards definitely brings more excitement on match day ! cant wait to see what rewards it brings in . I am here for all the fun , great video as usual !

  20. PSG! PSG! PSG! Rare 22-23 collection. Running at 3% but will hit 4% by October. Loving collecting the team that I love! And I will be stacking them every week!

  21. Is it worth starting a collection of 22-23 season cards before the 23-24 season starts or should I wait and get the new cards when they drop? This is for a french ligue 2 club btw

  22. Great vid! Got me thinking about buying collections of teams like Brighton who sell players on every season and break new players in

  23. 5% bonus on my FC Seoul limiteds (it works!) waiting for my 4% on Millwall limiteds and hoping to build up to 3% on Charleroi and FC Seoul rares. My future strategy would be to collect next season Millwall & Seoul rares providing both their youth players become available

  24. Wakey Academy. Celtic( Limited) First season with them coming up. Also rare St Pauli coming up this season early days getting the players yet

  25. Snorlax69 I’m doing a Watford stack(4%) and beginning a Fulham stack(2%)

  26. Started in GW 383 with a full Seattle Collection, overpaid a bit as Frei got injured and some of the Gold Cups went down in price and also someone else had the same idea to build into this Collection 😅
    However, paid overall 175€ by GW 383 and made already 16€ back, wanna keep the Team until 100% ROI, keen to see how long it takes and how the „game“ experience is until then.

  27. Do you feel like you'd ever integrate your FIFA and Sorare content? Like maybe doing a weekend of FUT Champs and if you want to use a player in a lineup for next week you have to use them in the squad and complete a challenge to earn that Sorare card?

    Or maybe do something like "30 Packs opened decides my Sorare lineup for the week". But do it with limiteds I mean

  28. Personally think that collection concept is massively flawed and a gimmick to get people spending on useless cards.

    At least half of every side collected will never get a run out in a comp. Players move and are then basically illegitimate in your collection as their affiliation doesn't change with their move.

    It's scraping the barrel trying to discourage managers from selling on their rubbish to drive up auction prices.

  29. Sorare name is Jeddyknight.

    My best collection is the Spurs Limited collection, I completed it just before the collection game was launched. Been number 1 since launch so hoping I can keep a hold of that. Also 6th in Spurs rare.

    My other big collection is Sparta Rotterdam limited. I’m 1st and 1 card away from completing the set.

  30. Just regarding the LDU Quito stack, i found it very hard to get injury news from that team, just going by playsharper was no good. Be careful with them line ups,

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