Which am I better at Risk Europe Or Territorial.io?

The Kill Pete Strategy
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Today Pete plays territorial on twitch for the first time! So if you enjoyed and want more drop a comment!!!
(Starts at 20.47)


  1. Good vid. Please dont speed up pete turns.

  2. You made it all the way to top 3 then got tricked into signing the non-aggression peace pact. Classic NATO strategy, they’re sneaky with their supreme courts and their equal rights.

  3. Its nice to see u play other games that i also play and nice game As always 👍🔥❤️

  4. There's no need to cut and speed up so much when you have 2 games in half an hour already. I get it if a single game is over 40 minutes and you're trying to make things digestible… but this was too much. Spending time with Pete is *the point*.

    And in particular (though I've said this before), [1] please don't speed up the key turns where Pete is taking board, and [2] please don't speed up the final turn!

  5. What do you guys think about territorial gameplay??? This was just a little taster!

  6. Pete!

    I was black in this game! 🤣

    I had ZERO clue it was you until I just watched this back hahaha

    Well played sir, love the content ❤

  7. Territorial seems very interesting, never played it and don't really understand what's going on but would love to see more of it. Strategy games of every kind is what I crave 😀

  8. Most of your audiences would be your dishwasher for free 😂😅😂😅

  9. Never seen Pete play Territorial! Glad to know he plays both my favourite "strategy and taking over the world" games!

  10. Just so people don’t get upset but it’s just a joke “I thought your dishwasher divorced you” hahaha 🤣 just a joke

  11. hey, i actually know how to play territorial! haha

  12. Good stuff! Just some feedback- really don't like having your turns fast-forwarded through. That's what we came to see!

  13. Hey pete, you should join us in some clan games with ET and the gang. ET streams on twitch and we VC. Makes for some good fun. ❤

  14. dang, i caught you on stream for 2 games, one of them was this one.
    rip my daily kps video

  15. Be interesting to see you do more territorial io Pete. You're my favorite risk YouTuber but i did stumble across you by first watching someone playing territorial io.

  16. 23:23 🤪 I Love how you have enough confidence to make fun of yourself! Go Peteman!🤘🏻

  17. What I like about Territorial is the scale… What I don't like about Territorial is the macro-management (ie you arn't concerned with individual attacks or dice rolls)

    I know you have covered this before, but it would be soooo good if Risk was like 32 or 64 player… you could have REAL spheres of influence, mini-battles, it would be pretty freaking cool…

  18. That caps game was wild! Wasn't a snowball; it was an avalanche! The new game is interesting for a little variety, but if you do more content with it, would you explain the thought process, mechanics, etc like you do in your Risk games? Otherwise it's just numbers and blobs of color haha

  19. i play territorial and risk and see the similarities never thought pete would play lol

  20. Since we're seeing you start branching out to other games, I've got a suggestion for you: Codenames. It's not really in the "style" of these games, but so much of your content shows that you put a lot of emphasis on choosing your words carefully, so it might be right up your alley.

  21. Reginald is offended. He never votes for peace. GGs.

  22. jo Pete.
    Just wanted to say I really like the small editing in this video.
    Really ads some nice dynamic to the viewing experience.

  23. Pete´s dad jokes make territorial great again xD

  24. Props to the editor! Excellent work here.

  25. What the heck was that, I have no idea what was even going on there. Risk content top notch as always though 😂

  26. Dear Mr. Editor could you please stop speeding up Pete's turn?

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