Where Is The Hidden Ninja In Snowball IO? This Free Unlocking Method Never Fails.

Where Is The Hidden Ninja In Snowball IO

The super-popular snow fight simulator could be the greatest winter-themed multiplayer arena ever created. And like with any renowned product, there is a lot of mystery surrounding it. Sure, everyone’s journey starts out the same. A newcomer joins a random match and completes a few quick rounds. Five minutes later, they are hooked for life. Trying to stay on top of a floating iceberg and pushing enemies off is exhilarating. Soon, they begin developing advanced skills and unlocking achievements. Doing so awards them with rare skins that grant some well-deserved bragging rights. Each has its own set of requirements to fulfill. But one item’s description is particularly puzzling. And many consider equipping it the ultimate way to play the game. Where is the hidden ninja in Snowball IO? The best cosmetic upgrades are always the hardest to get. But in this case, the task is not that challenging. Having the right information is key. This article provides all the necessary details to obtain the sought-after prize.

Hiding in Plain Sight

hidden ninja in Snowball IO

Before going into further detail it’s important to understand something crucial. Changing the look of the character does not influence the gameplay. The effect is purely cosmetic and doesn’t provide any additional boons. Nevertheless, possessing these unlockables is a testament to a gamer’s expertise. Wearing them keeps things fresh and demonstrates a deep understanding of the mechanics. With that in mind, nothing compares to looking like a stealthy Japanese mercenary. Here’s how to accomplish that:

  1. Download the mobile app on the AppStore or Google Play
  2. Optionally, register an account to save the progress
  3. Tap on the title text to make it fall down revealing the hiding warrior
  4. Go to the customization section, scroll to the right and select the skin
  5. Join a server and enjoy

Evidently, the process is fairly straightforward. But without knowing the exact sequence, it can take a while to figure out. Play emulator games online now at emulatorgames.onl.

Where is the hidden ninja in Snowball IO Online PC Version?

hidden ninja in Snowball IO Online

Unfortunately, the web-based build is different from the smartphone counterpart. It is intended for browsers and runs without installation which is pretty convenient. But while the playstyle is exactly the same, the rewards are different. Clicking on the title on the official website produces no reaction whatsoever. The only workaround is accessing the Android alternative through an emulator. Something like BlueStacks should do the trick. Whether setting everything up and tinkering with settings is worth the effort is debatable.

Upon learning the secret, don’t hesitate to apply the precious intel. Giggle at beginners repeatedly asking the same question instead of getting good. Where is the hidden ninja in Snowball IO? Have fun showing it off to the uninitiated still trying to solve the riddle.