What’s the deal with Udyr? || character review (League of Legends)

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What’s the deal with Lissandra? –

0:00 Intro
5:01 The Lore
15:30 Lee Sin and Udyr, sittin’ in a tree
22:03 Character Design
32:01 Animation
44:34 The Future
56:03 In Conclusion

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  1. You have a deity-like patience for Riot Games and their bullshit corporate decisions. Luckily we still have LoR for how long that lasts (hopefully long enough!) to pick up the slack that League is having.
    I still remember Dominion and how Riot left it to rot, you motherfuckers.

  2. Taliyah is tranz ? I dont know enough about her to say or not no idea the only lore i know is her and yasuo had some training that was more therapy for yasuo than training

  3. ma man where's the next vid where you evaluate another batch of skins? we're craving for that.

  4. "There's no ways Lux isn't some time of gay" was great.

  5. Excelent video, I'm always so glad to see Udyr related content, specially it's coming from one of my favorite content creators regarding this topic. Being an Udyr main means not seeing a lot of love going hos way but once in a while videos like this really bring a smile to my face. Great job, keep up with the good work! ^^

  6. That's a well-written fanfiction. The epic-ness and scale was described well.

  7. 🥍 I really appreciate these videos! I subscribed to both your shorts and this one!

  8. Where is my whats the deal with Warwick?!Ok no nvm.After acrane s2 deal.

  9. I like you and your channel more every time I watch

  10. The thing I find most funny about the shirtless barbarian trope is the historical evidence that the Nordic countries had much better hygiene than Britain and other European countries

  11. The boar stance empowered auto has a different animation

  12. Literally chills with this ''Future'' segment, me deus, that was amazing, this endgame story has so much potential to be the most epic thing ever… The family reunion, the three main tribes joining in an epic war against the very end of things, freaking Braum manhandling a bizarre and mind melting watcher like a toy… Nunu using the magic of one of the world runes to literally bend reality… The setting is literally too epic for Riot to fail… AND YET AM SCARED THEY FAIL TO DELIVER 🥍

  13. you always ABsolutely kill it with those fanfic sections, fro mthe olaf/soraka one, this one? Ah my heart fills and tears well up in my eyes, well done!

  14. Let me extrapolate a bit your point with animators having fun and you having fun watching their work. I definitely see how joyful you are when talking about it and it just makes me happy 😀

  15. I've been abusing udyr the past month in ranked and here are some things to note about the animations that I didn't see talked about:

    Udyr's animations are split into not only attack and walk cycles, but also a unique cast animation for each stance.
    for bear stance he unleashes this roar/surge of energy kinda like volibear, for boar there's a callback to his ionian training where he puts up a hand sign as the shield goes up, for ram he dips his body even lower but for gameplay reasons (initial movespeed burst/CC immune portion) he assumes a really low, very short stride where it feels like hes an american football linebacker. finally, for phoenix stance he jumps into the air with his hands even higher as he descends into the ring of ice.

    Second, boar stance DOES in fact have a unique auto attack animation where he reaches into his opponent and kinda rips out their life force. It's really weird when placed next to his other, more strike style attacks. Where the other attacks have almost 180 degree arc swings, boar stance is controlled. Personal theory is that this is related to another certain ionian champion's W that also grants a shield and lifesteal that also may have trained with udyr and also may have kissed. Seeing as the aforementioned cast animation is much more ionian compared to his other abilities further confirms this.

    IN ADDITION to this, if you pay close attention to the animation specifics, Udyr ALWAYS starts his attack combinations with his right hand, which holds the claw charm that's commonly referenced as a more freljordian part of his design. This applies to all his stances BUT boar stance, where he SPECIFICALLY starts with his left hand (the one with Lee's blindfold). This rule only applies to one other attack animation, his unstanced auto aka the most controlled punch, where he permanently keeps up his guard hand.

    TLDR; Lee and Udyr's connection goes even deeper than whats discussed in the video.

  16. Corporate mundo is a gift to people wanting to display a perfect image of an out of touch businessman.

  17. 🥍

    Thanks for all of your insight and lovely breakdown of Udyr! I am happy to hear that you vehemently feel that Udyr and Lee Sin are boyfriends. Because they deserve to be and I appreciate that.

  18. I'm pretty sure SGU is supposed to be Udyr if he never returned to the Frejlord but stayed in Ionia (because of Lee) and mastered that land's spirits, not how he looked like while he was training.

  19. I don't usually(never) enjoy war stories, but your pauses and levels made me tear eyed for udyr's success. Bravo.

  20. 🥍 <- i really think its a fitting addition to your video and to udyr in general

  21. 🥍It took me so long to find it. The video was amazing

  22. Udir definatly likes Lee sin but since Lee sin doesn't reply or has any interactions refering or aimed to udir its hard to say if its a one sided crush or an actual romantic relationship.

  23. I do love how fizz and nautilus are friends makes me like both of them more

  24. 🥍if udyr gets even half of the treatment you gsve him for lore it would be incredible

  25. 🥍 listening to this video while I work. Great video and analysis as always!

  26. 🥍 really enjoy a kinda understated character rework, the vibes are good and I like what they’ve done with him a lot. Fingers crossed for more good reworks soon!

  27. The problem you have with labels and stuff also comes from the human instinct to group things together and cathegorize. There is no real need to put a label on any relationship, or even things like sexuality, but human instinct tells us to do it and it basically only creates bigotness and us/them mentalities

  28. I could see Udyrs big moment be a little earlier in the fight against Lissandra, basically being the same as in your video, but changing the tide against the Frostguard instead of the Voidborn and in turn unleashing enough destructive power to cause breaks in the true ice, killing many of Lissandras forces but also unleashing the Void. Now again causing catastrophy, he would have to go through the same trauma as when he was a child, but this time he regains his calm wich enables him to fight the new enemy with his full but controlled power.

    Also I love your storytelling, i get chills every time.

  29. I take issue with calling the ethos of the Winter’s Claw “literally evil” because we’re comfortable modern people and have no sense of perspective for a people who live in a frozen wilderness full of predators and death. they’re a hardened warrior tribe and to brush them off as evil is naive.

  30. im on Mommy Lissandras Side but i can still appreciate Udyrs Giant Milkers 😍

  31. Absolutely love the effort to keep the friend list to scale

  32. Always love listening to these videos you do while drawing some character or sketching. Thank you 🥍

  33. Once again, imagine this is a lacrosse emoji because I personally don't like to use emojis

  34. For me udurs "endgame" would be learning that he can find hisbstrength within HIMSELF. That hebis yhe one there. HE is the one watching and only he can rescue his world, his life, his family. In a moment of clarity, the one lee sin pushes him to find in both friendship amd love, he unleashes a power, a clarifying force all his own. One where he hears all of the freljord one moment but finally blissfully a peace and sense of purpose he always dreamed of. The situation would have to be dramatic this is a story afterall but it wont matter from an udyr stamd point, what would matter is he found peace and purpose both in himself and possibly in his land.

  35. "like Russia,china…..AND THE UNITED STATES"

    I died jajajajajajaja

  36. 48:14 I honestly can't remember the last time I was this thoroughly enraptured by something and the way you describe every word I can vividly see the picture you're painting and it is beautiful.

  37. I really enjoyed the scripted version of the animation analysis this time around. The more free form was never bad but did feel a little "out of place"? Regardless, very fun video and well articulated section about ambiguity and queerness. 🥍

  38. 🥍 "May the tides of history wash gentle over us all" is a sentiment that gave me an….. unexpected amount of peace. Thank you for that, as well as yet another well-crafted video!

  39. No udyr is not lee sin bf, men can have frinds now what wrong with you

  40. your videos are always so interesting to watch, love your content❤🥍.

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