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Liz and Less
Join me on my debt free journey as I pay off 23k in debt (credit cards and student loans) as a single parent/solo income household with no real assets. I’m basically here to change my life. I’m also an Aussie in the USA, I receive a bi-weekly paycheck but I cash stuff weekly since I feel less broke giving myself grocery and sinking fund money on a weekly basis.

S T A R T I N G D E B T: $13695.56
✔️ SEP 1: $12674
✔️ OCT 1: $11414
✔️ NOV 1: $10327
✅ Sent to debt NOV MTD: $20

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00:10 I share stories of 2012 Liz who was in a word of financial idiocy and share dumb things I did with money
01:30 I go through the last week of where the money went and some dumb purchases of the week
07:51 Savings challenges purchased from Coffee & Budget
08:44 COMMENT OF THE VIDEO goes to EA Douglas’ Money

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  1. Teen years are very hard years… Old enough to start thinking for themselves and testing out theories and beliefs, yet young enough to not have the life experience to hold the wisdom yet. Patience and understanding with holding a wisdom line is your best friend at this time. You are doing so great, hun!!

  2. My kids had to have a job and go to college at the same time. It really shows them the value of what things cost…. And they still alive then though they thought they were not going to make. Life hard they learned fast what they could live without .

  3. I’ve done so many dumb things with money too 😅
    Thank god we are bettering our financial lives 😊

  4. My daughter chose not to go to college. 🤔

  5. As someone who has a shit ton of student loan debt and has worked in higher ed for over a decade, I will say I wish I had gone to a technical college/community college before going to university. I've worked at a university and a tech school and the differences are night and day (at least in SC). Students at the university left with six-figure debt (some didn't even graduate and still left with that much debt). Meanwhile, every tech school in my state offers free tuition. There's this horrible stigma that tech schools are for people who couldn't get into university, whether it's due to grades or lack of finances, but that's far from the truth. Many students in our area go to the tech school and graduate with two-year degrees and multiple certificates debt free, and then transfer to a four-year school. Has your son thought about doing that? I used to be an academic advisor, and I would tell my advisees to take advantage of low cost tech schools. Get as much as you can out of it before transferring. Just my two cents 🪙 Enjoyed the video! 💜

  6. A 1 cent dividend!! 🎉🎉 I am learning so much about college from you. Thank you!

    We are all a work in progress! Love the video! Have a great weekend!

  7. bbw should just sell mahogany teakwood and trash all the other scents

  8. The cabbage patch gif 😭😭😭😭

  9. Ayy one cent dividend!! More to come. This was a refreshing and fun way to review your spending. You're doing amazing. Keep going. We're all a work in progress.

  10. I can relate. Single mom of three. My oldest was the worst, she opened all kinds of credit cards when she turned 18 and going to college and maxed them out, now she is 36 and admits I was right when I was trying to tell her about my mistakes and didn't want her to do the same, but I think kids are bound and determined to make their own mistakes. Now my son who is 25 actually listened to mom and followed my advice and now owns two properties and saving for another. All I can do is pray for my kids. I wish you luck, and I agree I think your doing great.

  11. Good morning ❤ yaaay @ less needed for the hair appointment

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