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Liz and Less
Join me on my debt free journey as I pay off 23k in debt (credit cards and student loans) as a single parent/solo income household with no real assets. I’m basically here to change my life. I’m also an Aussie in the USA, I receive a bi-weekly paycheck but I cash stuff weekly since I feel less broke giving myself grocery and sinking fund money on a weekly basis.

S T A R T I N G D E B T: $13695.56
✔️ SEP 1: $12674
✔️ OCT 1: $11414
✔️ NOV 1: $10327
✅ Sent to debt NOV MTD: $20

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🤍 T H I S V I D E O
00:10 I share stories of 2012 Liz who was in a word of financial idiocy and share dumb things I did with money
01:30 I go through the last week of where the money went and some dumb purchases of the week
07:51 Savings challenges purchased from Coffee & Budget
08:44 COMMENT OF THE VIDEO goes to EA Douglas’ Money

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  1. Aww I had those stamps recently! So cute.

  2. I once spent $100 on a $2 pair of plastics sunglasses. That was a pretty dumb purchase on my part.

    I love dividends. It doesnt matter the amount. "You have new dividend activity" is my favorite notification.

  3. Great Job Liz, hoping that when that time comes to my daughter hopefully that she will listen to my advise🥰🥰

  4. Without Limits Budgets With AarynLynn says:

    Great video Liz! Stick to your decisions and just know all kids go through this!

  5. 👋🏽 Yayuh for dividend. They will continue to grow and nice amount invested thus far. Every dollar counts🤌🏾

  6. Hello Liz! We all have done dumb stuff with money! Don't remind me!!! 🤣👀Those candles are bomb!!! Mahoghany Teakwood one of my favs!!!!! The "empty nest syndrome" (my term) is the worst!!!! College! Prayers!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I know a thing or two about dumb money moves. 😄😄. Trying to do better going forward 🤞🤞

  8. $3000 on full sized candy bars?! Wow my mind is blown

  9. I’m glad you shared the car story! 😅

  10. I haven’t tried the mint chocolate Clif Bars, but I like the ones with the white chocolate chips 😋

  11. We’re all a work in progress! I’m sure we’ve all don’t some dumb things with money at some point. I know I have , and will continue to do so. We can only hope that as we learn and grow, the dumb things become fewer and the smart things become more abundant 😬

  12. $10,300 will be zero shortly! …Oh my word, I don’t want to even think about the dumb stuff I did w/money.

  13. Did I see I Cabbage Patch Kid being born?? What an awesome flashback! 💗💗💗 Awww, EA is so cool!

  14. Good morning Liz,
    Great video!!! I still do dumb things with money. Keep you head up and keep moving forward. Nothing beats failure like a good try. As long as you keep trying, you will not fail.

  15. Good morning Liz! Sometimes I feel like it’s ok to spend stupid money on snacks to make our children happy.
    Heck yes to that 1 cent dividend!
    I absolutely did not pay for college applications. The guidance counselor gave me fee vouchers. I was low income and they waive those fees. They will also waive the ACT fee.

  16. Wait… you can use rakuten for Etsy??

  17. We are all a work in progress!! You are doing great, Liz!

  18. One other thing…. My daughter is a sophomore in college. I made her apply for outside scholarships, which required her to write essays. She begrudgingly did it. (Sometimes you can use an essay more than once with some tweaks) She received every scholarship she applied for, Including a HUGE scholarship from her school for writing an essay on inclusion and diversity. My girl attends college for free and gets a refund for some of her outside scholarships. Please have him apply for every outside scholarship possible! He might not get them all, but every dollar counts!
    All of hers are renewable as long as she maintains decent grades, like a c-average. Sarah’s a straight A kind of girl, but she didn’t have to be to keep her scholarships.

  19. Kids and nuggets with fries… My son loves that as well… I run out of meal ideas to send him to school. If he doesn't eat from school lunch I feel like I'm wasting that money. 😫

  20. I'm working on a debt confession video and I don't like what I'm seeing. 🥴 I love how you compare your debt journey to dating. Haha😂

  21. Wowsa!!! $3k on candy!!!! I can’t even say goals because I would never!

  22. I am so proud of future Liz!!! I mean that $0.01 dividend is life changing!!! Do I now know a rich person?!

  23. Oh girl…I believe we all do dumb stuff with our money! I did dumb stuff and spent hundreds on Christmas decor the past two days! If you don't know already, I am Christmas crazy. Last year on my other channel I did the 24 Trees of Vlogmas…and yes they were all decorated different!

    I agree with you about the convenience fee for school lunch! My son took cash day 1 and the principal said she couldn't take cash…pshhhh. After paying the fee I called the school district and they said they do take cash. So I just sent $50 cash and surprise surprise I got a receipt and no fee!!

  24. Hahahaha…love the stamp story…oh those are so cute!! I need a Christmas Card with one on it! Hahahaha

  25. Liz I am a work in progress as well!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  26. BIG HUGS! I was getting all the mom feels listening to your plight. May the universe bless you this week! 🥰

  27. I have done (and still do) dumb stuff with money. So you are not alone there! 😂

    Has your son thought about swimming in college? Is that an option? (I’m not sure what the process is for swimming, but for my daughter’s sport she emailed coaches and sent videos of her playing.) Also what about doing community college for the first two years to get his General Ed and then transferring to a 4-year? Kids can be so frustrating because they don’t always get how debt will affect them in the future. Hang in there Liz! You got this! ♥️

  28. Heyyy Liz 🤗💕 Girl we have ALL done dumb stuff with money lol 😅 Don’t worry Bath & Body Works candles are one of my weaknesses too! 🤣💗

  29. I know Dave Ramsey has recently made a documentary about student loans, it's up on his YouTube channel, it may be worthwhile to sit down with your son and watch it? To try and communicate to him in another way how much of a hoax student loans are? ALSO, those stamps are so cute!! I love stamps!

  30. Progress, not perfection!! Also, just teared up at the end of your video! 😭

  31. New subbbie here to support. Full size candy bars 🍫 wow. You can tell they have a big budget.

  32. Hey Liz! I feel your pain. My two teens are driving me nutty lately too! Between them and the teenagers I teach I'm losing my mind! 🤪

  33. Yay finally here This week you were on list to watch your playlist. Love the videos. Girl the school lunch is killing me. ❤❤❤❤

  34. In the south we would I Done done dumb things with my money😂😂😂😂

  35. Liz we all have and will do these things ❤ it forces us to look again and again at our priorities and the psychological reasons we repeat the same behaviors ❤ I know I shop my feelings

  36. Great check in Liz on what you spent for the week. I shudder to think of the teenagers years ahead of us. I think once our first child hits high school def gonna looking into making a fund for college fees.

  37. Love Bath and Body Works candles… omg I hear ur frustration about college being so expensive but also importance of avoiding student loans..hopefully ur son gets to understand that having no debt is better but well see how things go… and that was so nice of u to let the post office lady help u I'm choosing stamps she really liked 👍

  38. Hi Liz, I purchased the same stamps as you… my kiddos love them. My four-year-old ask if he could wear one on his forehead. I told him no because it cost money. He asked me how much and when I told him $.60 he said that’s not a lot of money. I did buy the stamps from BJ’s because they take like a penny off of each stamp. I really enjoyed your video. Have a great weekend🥰🥰

  39. Can't imagine how frustrating and stressful the college situation must be!! My kids are young (4 and 20 months) so who knows what the situation will be like by then!

  40. I have a super long list of dumb stuff I've done with money.
    Love the chosen stamps.
    Love the retro challenges C&B made.

  41. You know, Liz, I had such a stressful week, with baby being sick and too much work load. Just hearing your calming voice made me feel better. I couldn't concentrate on anything else, though. I promise to rewatch when my body can concentrate on more than one thing at a time 🤍💜
    How are you?

  42. Awww Liz! So proud of you! It takes a lot of courage to be this vulnerable specially on the internet. We all have done dumb things!

    I agree that those CC usage fees are so so dumb!

  43. Hi Liz! If I start to think about all the dumb things I did with money I would have anxiety! I have done some dumb things with money so you are not alone.

    Bath and Body Works is one of those places I do not visit if want to keep my money😂😂😂 That’s was a great deal on the candles tho! 👍🏽

  44. Aww , we have all done some things interesting things with money, but seems like there are times where we figured those decision were probably the last resort. You’re doing soooo much better! The stamps are cute! 😊💕

  45. Hey Liz, 1 cent from your Costco dividend is just the beginning! 😃🎉

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