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  1. You had what my mom calls “a tickle in your throat” 😊

  2. Yay for the school routine! My oldest is off to preschool this year and I’m excited for a better routine as right now my kids are free range like my chickens and we could use routine haha

  3. It is nice to get back into a routine when the kids go back to school!

  4. PE teachers need to have all kids dressed alike so they’re not exercising in their school clothes. Middle schoolers start to get pretty stinky when doing PE. Some kiddos like to cheat on their outfits. (Ex teacher here)

  5. the school i work at went back on august 3rd.

  6. Have a wonderful weekend… yes, start the fall candles.. where was the hubby today???

  7. Routines are great! One of the things that are so difficult to enforce during vacations

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