Using Early Positioning To Snow Ball Territorial IO

Corgi Circus
Join the Discord, It’s a great community! Subscriber Special Game Day (Clan Wars) is on 10/8 at 9:30 am Pacific

Territorial IO is a free game on PC and mobile. Hope to see you on the battlefield!


  1. It's so awesome seeing new people, let's get 2k!!!!!

  2. You started growing so fast. I remember when none of you vids even had 500 views👍

  3. Came from CGs channel but I've been loving the content. Especially the constant positive and chill vibes.

  4. I've been watching before you and cg before you two collaborated and it's been nice seeing the growth of your channels since you started collabing

  5. Coming from CG's channel, lovin it so far, good to see someone who actually votes for peace

  6. You really had the crown from the first minut and all the way to the end

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