Unlocking Santa Tips and Dominating Snowball.io (Challenge)

Abram SF
Santa is awesome! Unlock him with these tips and see him destroy the challenge with no continues.


  1. I still cant win I am already very good at it but the fk noobs…….

  2. I keep clicking it and it won't give me it and I finished everything

  3. More vids on brawl stars? Maybe with fans?? Including me ;))

  4. You have about 50 more wins then me and ur channel is da best hopefully my subs will sub to you🤗

  5. I’m stuck at legend 1 with negative 80,000

  6. Who Won The Tournament In October 2018- January 2019

  7. Because the bot level increase each game

  8. I went full on sweat mode and got 8 kills in the final round lol

  9. I don't have to have a lot of xp my rank is legend 4

  10. Its a pain in the ass when people team up on you.

  11. Try to beat me ke$$ha is the name please read only if dowloaded

  12. I've been looking for hours and there is no feature or button to even enter a tournament?!?!?!? Where did it go???

  13. I'm stuck at legand 1 with negative 333.090

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