True Sight : The International 2021 Finals

From Regional Qualifier hopefuls to champions at The International in Bucharest — the world got to witness Team Spirit’s ascendance play out on Dota’s biggest stage. Go behind the scenes for the final battle of that epic coronation.


  1. Боже как прекрасны эти анимации, музыка и эта атмосфера – до мурашек!!!!!!!!!! Спасибо за тру сайд

  2. Мипошка выглядит как ХВОСТ 2.0

  3. LGD shows us the true will to win on the third and fourth maps
    It is unbelievable that they could change their mind and win two times in a row after two loses. Respect

  4. 1:12:59 I have a question. Is this guy standing on the right is Coach of Spirit. Xiao 8 is coach of Pgs and he banned picked all 5 games. And Miposka banned picked game instead of that guy. What's his name 😮

  5. -Иди умойся
    -Я в норме
    -ИДИ УМОЙСЯ!!!

  6. I am a fan of lgd. And watching this true sight brings back painful memory TBH. But after watching it I start to really like TS as well, for their great personality and team chemistry. We should learn to appreciate both teams to present such exiting games for us, not just be hateful on one team just because you root for another.

  7. TORONTO decision not banning tiny won the game. Messed up what LGD planned in the beginning of the game.

  8. "If i lose 0:3, something like that, that wasn't me" – Miposhka

    In life, it means, i am doing my very best so that goodness will happen. If something bad will happen, then its not my fault anymore, bcoz i did my very best.

    What a logic Miposhka

  9. Очень жалко Ами😢

  10. ебать, прям сказочку посмотрел.

  11. Rezpect to the LGD crew for playing their heartz out and accepting defeat.. propz to team spirit azwell.. but that look on Ame's eyez.. thatz a dangerouz man coming for TI 11!

  12. This was hilarious to watch! I speak Russian and the energy Team Spirit has is pure awesomeness. Their banter is so fun XD

  13. Tokyo dude really sound an east asian, dude just got lucky he was born in Europe.

  14. So cute. TS and LGD = respect! THX guys.
    Пишаюсь грою і спілкуванням команд, чудова гра, прекрасний ІНТ!
    Бережіть себе ♥і бути добру. Bless you.

  15. I'm gonna tell my grandkids that this was the best TI in the history.

  16. That XinQ rubick in game 3 was phenomenal, mad respect for him.

  17. Вин Дизель – давай вперед 🤣

  18. Dota 2 TI10 Animation Cinematics.
    19:00. Spirit Tidhunter and elder combo.
    34:40 Spirit Magnus
    36:19 Team Spirit puck and Magnus.
    50:25 LGD Tinker
    53:18 LGD Specter and Rubick.
    1:07:47 LGD Bane and undying
    1:29:00 team Spirit

    If their more tell me so that’s all of those.

  19. The Coach of PSG.LGD lost the finals for them. The way he puts blame on XinQ after the first game and humiliates him by making him go wash his face effectively telling everyone he thinks the loss is on XinQ. He does not elevate the LGDs moral between games and the team does not elevate each other. Emotional constraint and control is such a huge part of playing in these high pressure games when coming closer and closer to the finals. It seems that the Western teams have figured out more about group dynamics and unity than the Chinese team. That is why PSG.LGD always makes it to the finals, bcs they are the best at pure DOTA. But they stumble and fall bcs they put way to little emphasize on elevating each other, not putting blame and team dynamics. Lets see is they understand this in coming years of DOTA.

  20. Dota 2's true insight is so f*ck*ing great this is like the best documentary show on Esport.

  21. It really shows here that PSG.LGD is not a weak team, it's just that Team Spirit is a lot better in this series. Kudos and props to both team for giving us this great dota and showing us why we love and passionate in this game. So close yet so far for PSG.LGD. Congrats again to Team Spirit. Good game well played, PSG.LGD. Come back stronger!!! m/

  22. “I was so farmed in the early game”

    Shit. I can feel the pain 🙁

  23. If China won't win again, dota will die.

  24. True Sight TI7 deserves a REMAKE with these type of Cinematics.
    Imagine the GH RS pit echo slam or Miracle's final Omnislash before newbee called GG.

  25. Я ни че ни хочу сказать про Яторо, но аегу должен был поднять Мипошка, через столько поражений к заветной мечте унего получилось, очень эгоистично поступил Яторо. Ещё мне было жалко смотреть на тини который убегал

  26. Чё пацаны, чемпионы? Мага та ещё машина, сохранили состав и снова едут на инт. Ждём новых двухкратных чемпионов Инта. Это будет разъеб

  27. This is why DOTA is the best moba. IDC what others think Dota is Dota and nothing can go above or beyond it especially now.

  28. DOTAAAAAAAAAA!!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Such gameplay you'll never see such strategic plays like this in any other games, these players dedicated their all, this is passion and you can see how great both teams are. This is why we love Dota, DOTA IS A PASSION.

  29. I'm a League player. But I switched to Dota few weeks ago, still getting the hang of it, definitely harder than League but the challenge here excites me and this video inspired me to play more and be better. I've never seen such intense play in League this is amazing, the strategies and playstyle is so unique, the mind games and the way true sight was created is absolutely mind blowing. I'm glad I made a switch.

  30. Its very bad, they lose when they pick the pango when it should be ES

  31. I feel bad for Ame but I know he will win TI one day.

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