True Sight : The International 2021 Finals

From Regional Qualifier hopefuls to champions at The International in Bucharest — the world got to witness Team Spirit’s ascendance play out on Dota’s biggest stage. Go behind the scenes for the final battle of that epic coronation.


  1. 1:30:00 He gives that little smile because he knows that $18 million divide by 5 and TI champion will be his in less than a minute. I love that smile.

  2. Одни легенды ушли и на смену им пришли спириты. Кто знает, может быть прямо сейчас этим роликом вдохновляется очередное дарование, все силы отдаёт на доту, чтобы однажды быть на месте этих парней, выигравших жизнь

  3. вот он настоящий тренер.

  4. me dolio ver salir asi a AME , este tiene que ser su año, como dicen la 3ra es la vencida ptm

  5. Emang di stage ga ada penonton yak tahun lalu??

  6. Торонто засейвил аегу своим колом магнуса

  7. es el couch no puede contra el dota alaraco

  8. Can someone tell me, what music exactly was used? Is it available anywhere to listen?

  9. Столько эмоций конечно, особенно приятно видить Русских и Украинцев в одной команде. Мира парням из Украины!

  10. "Второй инт брать, Ярик, блять, что за вопросы?" – лучшие слова

  11. the nickname "johnny sins" HAHAHAHAHHAAHA

  12. PSG LGD quite positive mindset this time. Congrats to both team.

  13. i followed all these steps but when you are using sample that you have imported the program just bugs up.

  14. what happened with the translations? many mistakes tbh tho

  15. Team Spirit respect for their coach is something LGD seems didn't have.

  16. Collapse's Magnus was the bread and butter of TSpirit's entire TI run. LGD broke it an overwhelming fashion with XianQs rubick. It was a really bad call for LGD to let Collapse get a hand on magnus without securing their Rubick counter. That was their biggest mistake. LGD's tiny+lycan might be formidable force indeed but collapse's Magnus is immovable.

  17. que triste :c
    pero así es el juego a veces se gana a veces se pierde :Ccc

  18. Очень жаль что даже не проговорили путь Спирит. Команда собралась всего год назад, еле отобралась с квал и по нижней сетке одолела 5 команд, в противостояний с каждой была андердогом

  19. Muy buena unión la de Team Spirit eso se llama ser compañeros de equipo, cosa que le falto a LGD y lo dijo XIOU perdimos por nosotros mismos.

  20. A true Cinderella story ! I’m getting so much goosebumps on the last animation !!!

  21. Неплохо вышло, но хотелось чтобы не ток финал был. Вп тоже хорошо играли.

  22. lgd were so arrogant during game 4 pick calling their opponents dumbasses, it kinda sucks that this generation of chinese players doesn't respect the game as the previous one did

  23. Анонимный Информатор Виктор says:

    Как второй лайк поставить?

  24. They should have implimented the skins in the animation, still truesight always allow us to see all the, pressure emotions, dicipline, disappointment of the player 👍

  25. Две стороны одного финала

  26. If there was viewers on the stadium it would be the best True Sight)

  27. TORONTOTOKYO on the game 5 draft:

    – stood his ground vs the whole team for Tiny
    – calls early they need stuns and ban Snapfire instead of Sky
    – says WK can't fight Tiny late AND
    – points out no stuns for TB

    That's one way to show up when it matters!

  28. They lost because they picked lycan instead of rubick

  29. This is so cool! To watch the teams' discussion during draft and between matches makes this raw and real.
    Also the in-game cutscene-like animations were amazing!
    More of these please!

  30. To see the losing team beeing so sad, walking silently away makes me really sad, even that i cheered for ts.

  31. What a video bro! Can't thank you enough for this!

  32. 34:40 Holy! That gave me goosebumps, such great animations are a treat for us DotA fans! Thank you so much True Sight! Hope to see more of these animations of fights in the future!

  33. Прикольно сделано, раньше не понимал этих эмоций а теперь сам играю в доту и волнуюсь за них как за себя.

  34. Добрый вечер я интернешонал выйграл.

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