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Command your budget! The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! Today Mitch talks about tribes in Commander that need more love from Wizards! These tribes need these custom commanders!


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  1. Kathken's have two commanders one in mono white and one Selesnya. like to have one in Azorius and Orzhov.

  2. Apparently it's now "Metathran" instead of "Thran?" So weird.

  3. Didn’t play during the time, (I came in during Dragon’s of Tarkir) but Kithkin please! I know, there is Kithkin legends. But they don’t care about other Kithkin.

  4. Congrats, the blue airship goes infinite with intruder alarm 😂😂🎉

  5. I need an Aetherborn Commander. And support. I just want Aetherborn tribal to beat thing.

  6. I thought Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder or Teveah Tzat were thrull commanders

  7. Wouldn't all the thrans die in your untap step? Unless you had another artifact that does not untap or an anthem?

  8. 12:50 i feel like this would be fair if it said "non-land permanents"

  9. I would say we need a Viashino commander, but they just errata'd viashino into 'lizard,' which also doesn't have a commander…

  10. Treefolk. I'm aware they got shown a tiny amount of love with the LotR set but still…

    Love my leafy boys.

  11. We need a Beeble commander with an ability related or synergic with unblockable!

  12. Zulkis can go infinite with Ashnod's Altar. Cast Zulkis getting 1 blood pet. Sac the blood pet for black and sac Zulkis to Ashnods for 2 colorless (to cover commander tax). Recast Zulkis getting 2 blood pets. Sac 1 blood pet and Zulkis for 4 colorless and the last blood pet for black. Keep repeating this process until you have all the blood pets you want

  13. Crab Tribal. Imagine a crab commander in blue/green that does something like

    “every time you cast a blue spell create a 1/1 crab token.
    Whenever you cast a green spell give a crab +1/+1.
    Pay 1 colorless —Sacrifice a crab token, when you do put all of its counters on this commander.”

    So with swarm or commander damage potential. A bit arcbound ravager-ish.

  14. Zulkis, Thrull of fate. I agree, we need this. I be like, here… Take my money… Again.

  15. I want a skeleton commander with text like: „whenever ~ is dealt damage sacrifice it and create x 1/1 „bone“ tokens, where is x is ~ power. Sacrifice 5 „bones“ to return ~ from your graveyard to the battlefield.
    And he needs to be altleast bg.

  16. Love the Cockatrice design. 3 is fie

  17. I would suggest making Zulkis Orzhov instead of Mono Black (having it be a Ravnican Thrull). Including White can allow you to bring in token doublers and tripplers and help further the aristorcatix build

  18. They should errata Ebon Praetor to be a legend and boom thrulls commander. Bad one, and it's on the reserve list, but still it cares about thrulls and was printed back when most of them were.

  19. Bulkaz. You know, as in “Brushwaggs are BULK AS f…”

  20. I like how zulkis goes infinite with pitiless plunderer

  21. Zulkis would really benefit from partner. Maybe Partner with red or white exclusively, or give it a red/white thrull partner/background

  22. Gargoyles need love ! Were my dope stone boys

  23. For the Cockatrice, I would have it put 1 stun counter whenever a player got hit by one or more cockatrice.

    Maybe a Soltari commander. There's 10 of them, all in W. One in R/W. They are all small but have shadow. Maybe the commander prevents the first time a creature would deal combat damage to you and gives them a shadow counter. Then, your creatures would be able to block them. Then, maybe for the commander or maybe another card, that when one or more creature you control deals combat damage to a player, choose one of them and make a 1/1 token with the same creature types as the chosen creature.

  24. 1st commander I built was Shelob. Spiders deserve more than 4 mana 2/4s that give you a token or two.

  25. If zulkis had sac and add hybrid red black would allow for some rakdos thrulls to be tossed in

  26. Lhurgoyf need’s tribal love, they got a commander precon deck that can’t utilize the tribal aspect of the deck because there’s is not enough of them🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️💯

  27. Well there hasn’t been real Thrull love since the Dark with Thrull Champion which is a reserve list card actually. Endreck Sahr, Master Breeder and Tavish are your only option for a Thrull commander🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️💯

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