Total War: WARHAMMER III – Episode I: Prince of Men

Total War
Join us for an epic three-part showdown where Karl Franz and Be’Lakor battle for supremacy. In the first episode we follow Karl as he sets out to unite his Empire under a single banner in preparation for a daemonic invasion.


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Video type: In-game Cinematics + Gameplay
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  1. flashes back to warhammer 1
    "Oh wait a minute"

  2. Ah I finally figured out why they got the rematch button in after each battle. Its for the community managers to get the perfect shot they want.

  3. (Imperial Authority – 1000)


  4. Really cool, any chance you could make dismounting lords through damage a thing in the actual game?
    I'm sure it would mess a bit with the balance, but it sure would be neat.

  5. why can't I play dark elves in WH3? when will it be playable?

  6. I love these Videos from CA. If only the IE-campaign were that immersive. So many things in campaign you had to consider previously. Trade lines recommended shared borders or at least harbour access, the quest battles were freed by a little quest line that is now spared, LL doesn't need to build siege equipment any more, … That's not comfort any more, it's simplification, that makes the experience a little bit flat. It's still a good game, but a bit more investment in interesting campaigns i would appreciate more than the twentieth new chaos faction. For example you could combine the trade lanes with the outpost mechanic. What about a special trading-post-building in cities of your allies, so some sort of the caravan mechanic of Cathay in a simplified version. Bring back the quest lines. Give us more specialised campaign goals for each faction or at least each race. More special buildings for certain cities, that have a clear effect on the campaign (as for example the ressearch-tree of the high elves depending on the ressource buildings). Implement the ressource system of Troy Total war. It's a pity, that there all those glimpses on possible mechanics in other TW games or even the special mechancs of the races, that would make this IE-campaign outstanding.

    And of course abandon that annoying player-bias-system.

  7. Everyone is excited to hear and play this campaign.
    Hope your Best narrator and all the people who are about to play.

  8. >easy difficulty
    >-10 imperial authority
    is this video for people that don't even play the game?

  9. Er… something is fishy.

    Hw does he have 1427 Prestige on TURN 5…!?!?!?

    No wonder he can use machinations willy-nilly.

    Come on CA, no Empire campaign EVER ges like this. He also several thousand gold. FFS.

  10. Wow I expected this to be some Lore series where you present some Lore about all the LLs in the game, but I ain't mad because this is absolute fire. Love the fast pace while still showing a lot of what is going on.

  11. Can't lie, I'm a bit hard right now. That's actual great content from you guys. Never fail to impress.

  12. That was awesome! What about our fellow men though? Kislev has always been a BUlwark against the Forces of Will and the Bretonnian knights have saved the Empire more than we'd like to admit

  13. “The Empire. Have you ever seen a strong and aspiring collection of constituents?”

    Honestly literally everywhere else other than the skaven and ogres.
    I’m surprised it even lasted long enough for Karl Franz to exist to save it from his bad it is in its fragile Holy Roman condition.

  14. 1:47 Oh Jesus, that map is incredibly outdated now. Don't you think you guys ought to fix that?

  15. Jcroyais qu'on ne pouvait pas attaquer les comptes électeurs ?

  16. I can't believe I watched all that; I meant to come and see if it was some sort of cool cinematic and ended up being sucked in by the dialogue. Is the combat really that visceral? Do units do special executions, and lords too? The combat in Warhammer 2 was awesome, but didn't look fluid and organic like it does here. It looks incredible here…. Might have to pick this one up too.

  17. Whomever is writing these is just absolutely gifted. I really enjoy the videos coming out recently.

  18. I remember being subscribed to this guy when he hand only a couple hundred subs

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  20. That is the best TW: Warhammer Video on Youtube! Its funny, it gots epic cinematics and give new players a look at this beautiful faction. Please give us more of those playthrous.

  21. That was Fantastic! i need a whole season of this! With all factions! Subbed!

  22. Any work to reskin units in future to make them more unique?

  23. 제국 밸런스 조정도 없으면서, 왜 영상을 올리냐? 비공 ㅅㄱ

  24. interesting «, but you seem to be relying on very costly strategies and winning very costly victories.

  25. has tank. immediately rams it into infantry, rendering it useless

  26. Something is wrong with your audio, it's hard to hear at the end of every sentence/statement.

  27. I loved that type of video, Im looking forward to the next episode! But I worry about the Vampire Lords. In Warhammer 1 I loved to play them. In Warhammer 2 they were pretty weak compared to the other undead factions like the Followers of Nagash or the Zombie Pirates [I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of the race].

    Will we see new units for the Vampire Lords in the future? I mean they aren't having Archers or good Skirmishers [if you exclude those Crossbowmen of Renown] and the infantry is pretty me, compared to like Khemri.

    I loved the Vampire Counts, but to send them against Ogres or the Warrios of Chaos would turn to a slaughterfest … for them.

  28. As always fantastic editting on these. Really brings the campaigns to life

  29. In my campaign Belakor and Wulfrik are just annoying sneaky chaps trying to sack marienburg whenever there isn't a garrison army.

  30. pls add those amazing soundtracks to the battles in WH3.

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