THOCKY Custom Keyboard + Mouse Sounds ASMR | Hypixel Solo Bedwars

I read all the comments so make sure to leave one! Also I need watchtime. So please watch till the end!
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🍪 Texture Pack: Ricefault 32x | Deepsea 264x both with newyork skyoverlay

🍪 My flight radar 24:
💳 Credits
Music: “Sakura” by ​⁠​⁠@levicafecity21
Description by iAim edited by cookie150

Inspired By: ​⁠​TeakIvy Inspired me to do private game livestreams. Playing with him, and his viewers used to be so much fun! ​⁠​AshtonSurfFTW by far has the most creative Minecraft videos out of any content creator. His asmr videos are so entertaining and relaxing to watch! Hes the one who inspired me to create bedwars asmr videos. @cooldude951 has the best bedwars montages. Rip Legend
💻 PC Specs:
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
CPU: i5-9400F
RAM: 24.0GB
My other pc is better but this is my main
⚙️Minecraft Settings
Sensivity: 44
DPI: 800
FOV: 50-63 changes w/ dynamic FOV
GUI Scale: Normal
Mouse: 2 Roccat kain 100 aimo, Bloody a70, Roccat kone pro, roccat kone xtd, Marsback zephry pro, Glourious model o (my friend is barrowing it)

Keyboard: Custom and w/ razer wrist rest
Monitor: 2 MSI Optix Mag24c curved monitor
Microphone: Hyperx quadcast
Mousepad: razer deskmat and razer firefly v2 on top
Anything I forgot please comment!

0:00 – First Game

Tags ignore pls:

#minecraft #hypixel #bedwars

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Hypixel YouTubers I enjoy to watch in the Minecraft PVP Hypixel Bedwars / Skywars / Skyblock Community are
Evakz, Purpled, Gamerboy80, Bedless Noob, SammyGreen, Astelic, Hashito, Technoblade, Rustlul, BahaBlast, JustDash, Refraction, nihte, Zackaria, ItzDime, Tayber, RKY, Guiny, ItsOasis, Beta Ruz, defib, areumadlol, Zyph, iTMG, FireAlfieHD, Ventas MC, xForce, presnt, Qorx, Sola Sky, SoLike, CMJ, CowIsBad, omqxcookies, Turah, DarkShadowRain, Horchatah, Pavess, MangoPie, ThreadySkate, Sarite, Tryhard, Hyplex, Sayber, TRIPIS, Sackboy_Clank5, dqves, baylow, somanycheaters, Bosnie, Nerx, Adders, iAim, Freshi, and yusei, keyboard and mouse sounds, hypixel bedwars, keyboard and mouse sounds bedwars, bedwars keyboard and mouse sounds, mouse and keyboard sounds, hypixel, bedwars, keyboard and mouse, keyboard sounds, minecraft mouse n keyboard sounds, mouse n keyboard sounds, keyboard + mouse sounds asmr, keyboard asmr, mouse and keyboard, keyboard and mouse sounds minecraft, keyboard, minecraft bedwars, keyboard and mouse asmr, keyboard and mouse sounds skywars, keyboard and mouse sounds hypixel, Minecraft, Bedwars, bedwars asmr, Dendorser, Dendorser Bedwars, Mouse asmr, Keyboard n mouse sounds, aesthetic bedwars, itzglimpse, gk61 gaming keyboard, glorious model d, glorious model o, glorious model o wireless, blue snowball ice, Butterfly clicking, drag clicking, Block hitting, asmr video, mc, minecraft 1.8.9 texture pack, pvp texture pack, dendorser 16x, dendorser default edit, silver switches sound test, schneller bridging in bedwars, webcam, bedwars keyboard and mouse cam, bedwars asmr keyboard handcam, keyboard handcam, bedwars keyboard and mouse sounds camminecraft,hypixel,skywars,minecraft challenge,handcam,mousecam,keyboard asmr,keyboard sounds,keyboard and mouse,mouse sounds,keyboard and mouse sounds minecraft,glorious model o,itzGlimpse,bedwars,hypixel bedwars,keyboard and mouse sounds bedwars,ducky one 2 mini,butterfly clicking,bed wars asmr,keyboard and mouse sounds,bedwars asmr,dragclick,clicky,asmr,bedwars with handcam,modded keyboard,blueyeti,bedwars samr,hypixel asmr,240 fps,bw,asmr bedwars,thocky asmr, asmr, asmr bedwars ,keyboard asmr, asmr minecraft, mouse asmr, bed wars asmr, iAim, ItzGlimpse, sponky, rustlul, bedwars, hypixel, bedwars, bed wars, skywars asmr, hypixel, minecraft, skywars, butterfly click, jitter click, minecraft bedwars asmr, model o, Glorious model o, dragclick, solo bedwars, minecraft mods, minecraft challenge, minecraft but, pvp,minecraft pvp, hypixel pvp, keyboard + mouse sounds asmr, keyboard asmr, mouse and keyboard, handcamh


  1. what switches did you use for that keyboard?

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