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Studen Albatroz
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  2. Hi, if only Cazz was this fast with lvling as with commenting… Hungary would be a better place

  3. Good thing you’re posting on YouTube hardly anyone goes on here.

  4. Nova World Buffs is no longer on curseforge.

  5. Does my guildies need to have Nova World Buff too so I can see their layer ?

  6. Thanks Studen. Since launch I have made 6 million gold on my frost mage with your spots. You are truly the man.

  7. How do you join to those layer in layer map?o.O

  8. never needed that in wrath when it was first out,they just need to increase the spawn rate of nodes.

  9. Thanks for the tip but dang that's broken and a bit unfair

  10. Always the best current farms ! Seeing you grab all that saronite and layer hopping takes me back to Legion when this was also the best way. Made my first million then. Mostly thanks to this man right here.

  11. Great tip. 👍 can I leave the party after they invite me to there layer?

  12. Hey studen have any recommendation for gold/xp grinds 76 arms warrior.

  13. wow layers nice bro
    but you dont say how to change it lol

  14. I always keep trick for myself and sometimes i hide for certain masscrafts 😀 last today i did 73 casts for a craft to disenchant after that earned me around 10 gold per craft. What 730gold in 10 minutes totally auto 🙂

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