The Great Cosmic Mother Excerpt: The Machine, NFL responds to Harrison Butker’s WMHC Speech + more

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  1. I was astounded by the number of different videos on 5/15 reporting on recent femicides.
    So down the rabbit hole I went and OMG!!!
    Heaven help us! Searching for a self defense class now,…. it's more dangerous than ever for women.

  2. The more I listen to videos and watch these men, the more I'm glad that I am a lesbian.

  3. thank you for this video diva❤i really appreciate you a lot. you’ve helped me decenter men and start to choose myself. i don’t think you understand how important your words are to some of us. thank you❤

  4. Diva, I think the same way about Porsha stans, bunch of superficial dimwitted doll heads, they think she's fun🙄.
    I still side eye Kandi for being her friend. Porsha told a whole lie that could've tarnished Kandi's brand. A lie that someone else convinced her to tell
    And ran with it.
    Maybe I can forgive, if I felt like a person really regrets the pain or trouble they caused. But I don't think Porsha does. And I especially wouldn't be showing up to her wedding. Kandi and Todd….?!?
    I think Joyce set Kandi up to always be the one to acquiesce

  5. This man pissed me off. Women are expected to dim their light to protect the fragile male ego. A womans worth is in giving birth and once you hit menopause you are nolonger relevant. These men and some of their female (hate this word) collaborators AKA Pick MEs are fighting to destroy women's freedom, health and wellbeing. It's a form of terrorism in your own home.

  6. From my experience, when I hear people (especially men) with such extreme points of view, it's a mask to hide something they feel shameful about themselves. Most of the time, it's same-sex attraction.

  7. This was early in the vid but a woman created the first computer, Ada Lovelace

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