The 11 Best GoPro Hero Accessories for 2022

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In this video I run through what I consider the 11 best GoPro Hero Accessories for 2022!
These 11 Best GoPro Hero accessories will help you get the most out of using the worlds favourite action camera, the GoPro Hero!
And if you are looking for the perfect present for the Action Camera enthusiast in your life, hopefully these 11 Best GoPro accessories will give you a few gift ideas too.
If you would like to learn more about the amazing things you can do with your GoPro, check out my playlist here :

GoPro Hero Accessories featured in this video:
11. Teresely GoPro Hero Screen Protector:
10. HSU Windslayer :
(If you enter the coupon code Adventure Tim when you make a purchase , you will qualify for 10% off the regular price)
9. GoPro Hero Enduro Battery:
8. GoPro Dual Battery Charger :
7. GoPro Tripod Mount Adapter:
6. Telesin Mini Storage Case for GoPro Hero:
5. GoPro Zeus Mini Light & Magnetic Swivel Clip:
5. Ulanzi VL49 Video Light:
4. San Disk Extreme Pro 512GB
3. Manofrotto Compact Aluminium Tripod ( updated model of tripod featured in video:
3. Laser Table Top Tripod:
2. GoPro Volta:
1. GoPro Media Mod :
BONUS : Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone.

0:00 Intro
0:50 11. Teresely GoPro Screen Protector
1:16 10. HSU Windslayer
1:37 9. GoPro Batteries
2:22 8. GoPro Battery Charger
3:08 7. GoPro Tripod Mount Adapter
3:35 6. Telesin Mini Storage Case for GoPro Hero
4:08 5. Lighting for GoPro Hero
4:14 GoPro Zeus Mini
4:58 Ulanzi LED Camera Light
5:36. 4. Sandisk Extreme Pro Micro SD Cards
6:08 3. Tripods
6:57 2. GoPro Volta
8:05 1. The Best GoPro Accessory of 2022: GoPro Media Mod
9:17 Bonus Best Accessory of 2022: Rode SmartLav Lav Mic
10:17 Outro

Equipment used in videos on this channel:
GoPro Hero 11 Black:
GoPro Hero 9
GoPro Media Mod :
GoPro Double Camera Mount :
GoPro Hero 9 / 10 Replacement lens :
GoPro Suction Cup Mount:
GoPro Bite Mount and Floaty :
GoPro Handler :
GoPro 3-Way:
GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip:
GoPro Mouth Mount:
GoPro Volta:
GoPro Zeus Mini Light & Magnetic Swivel Clip:
Telesin GoPro Hero 11 /10/ 9 Mini Storage Cover :
HSU All Aluminium Alloy Extension Arm Kit:
DJI Osmo Action Camera :
Samsung S10+ :
Smart Phone tripod holder /adapter :
Phone holder, Gooseneck mount :
Ulanzi VL49 Video Light:
Fitstill waterproof GoPro 3 way tripod for GoPro :
Newer 6 x 9 feet Photography Backdrop /Background :
Manofrotto Compact Aluminium Tripod:
Snowball Ice USB Microphone.
Iron tree Microphone arm stand
Microphone Pop Filter :
Sandisk Portable 500GB SSD :
Micro HDMI to HDMI cable, 1.8m
San Disk Extreme Pro 512GB
Canon 200D SLR Camera – updated version
Rode Video Mic
MacBook Pro 13 inch (2016): Latest version available:

I also feature Action Camera accessories from HSU in my videos including
the Windslayer :
and the Shoulder Mount:
if you enter the coupon code Adventure Tim when you make a purchase , you will qualify for 10% off the regular price.

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  1. Snap magnetic mounts are great instead of the GoPro chesty,if you get the pro version you get 3 mounts so you can swap from chest,tripod and selfie stick 👍🏻😀I use it for Mtb and the magnets are strong enough to keep it solid although I prefer to use a compression top under my Mtb jersey to stop it from sagging 😀👍🏻great vid now convinced me to get the windslayer and Volta 👍🏻


  3. The only issue I have with the screen protector for the lens cover is that you will lose the ability of the lens cover to shed water, and that's a great feature when you are snorkeling. Otherwise, the other screen protectors are a great idea, for sure. Have a look at the new Ulanzi adapters. They are magnetic and just twist off. You can go from a tripod to a selfie stick etc., without having to mess with the screw each time. Just keep an adapter on each of the tripod, selfie stick and what other device you mount the camera to. I do like that Ulanzi light. Very bright. The VOLTA is one of the best accessories from GoPro. I use it most of the time. Great accessories. Thanks for the video.

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