Still Planting in 100+ Degree Heat! 🥵 Beautiful Purple Blooming Plants! 🌿💜 // Garden Answer

Garden Answer
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  1. My two cents. I think a hydrangea hedge would be BEAUTIFUL!! I feel like every garden needs a hydrangea hedge.

  2. Laura what’s the name of the tree species over your right shoulder at the beginning of this video? The foliage looks very interesting. I’m looking at trees to plant on my property and this tree caught my eye.

  3. I just saw the hurricane possibility reach you as a tropical depression. Hope for the least bad happening
    Do you guys prepare in any ways?

  4. Nice planting . These are on my wish list. Time for POOL

  5. Have you committed to trimming up the instant karma elderberry now that you underplanted with campanula?

    Butterfly bushes along the fence, your other idea, would look lovely, too.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Girl, now I know where all of the sparkling amethyst verbena went ! 😂

  7. i really, really appreciate your tips based on experience. I know i'm going to prune my Salvia with a new attitude ~

  8. Really excited about seeing how you tame the sumac. I so need to know how to conquer them.

  9. It's amazing you all plant outside in that heat.

  10. My snowball bush is confused too. It's in it's full fall color. It lives in a pot and I think it's stressed. I need to get it in the ground. Your Corinthian Lyndon tree stole the show with his leafy sail atop his head 😂

  11. This is one of my favorite videos of the year! 🌷💕

  12. I Love this! We did something similar where we live out. This video actually gave us inspiration and hope that we can still become successful, thanks so much for this video.

  13. I wonder if sucker punch would work on keeping the branches from sprouting low on the elderberry “trees”

  14. I have several blue (purple for Aaron) campanulas in my front garden and they love it. Morning sun and afternoon shade. Once the initial spring blooms have been spent I cut the plant back ALOT and it re-blooms! We have gorgeous summer colour again. They will bloom for me right into the fall. They do love consistent water though, which has been my experience here in Port Moody BC Canada, and we are zone 8. You will really enjoy their colour!

  15. I heard that west coast will have an above average winter this year due to El Nino !!! Stay safe and hope your garden will be ok .

  16. Laura would love to see you check for water one day…. Would be great to learn what your eye sees❤

  17. Remember two years ago when you would plant in the south garden how white the dirt was? I noticed today how healthy and dark the soil was when you were digging the holes. That's some quick soil improvement!

  18. Those sparkling violet Amethysts look so beautiful in that area !!

  19. Your energy to create and install in that heat is awe inspiring and you stay so lovely doing it ! I am exhausted at 0:06 the prospect of planting one plant , never mind multiples . 🥵
    Love your designs ! You would have a ball working on my woodland garden !

  20. Do you consider keeping a beehives…?

  21. Question: Hi Laura, I'm hoping you can direct me. Between the Niagara Falls Panacem and the Totem Pole which do you think might look better in a mass planting of five in a row against a white fence. It's five feet from our porch. I live in So Cal zone 9b. During summer mostly sun and in winter some shade. Will these stay evergreen in zone 9b? From your videos they both look beautiful. Does one perform better? And how far apart to plant? I would like space between each one. Thanks for your time.

  22. What kind of hydreagea is that?their gorgoeus..lovr hudreagea.also what kind of hibiscus is that
    The red flower.i have the same but dont know the name.its PW and mine is flopping😢

  23. Thank you on the information on butterfly bush 😊

  24. It would be great if you both came out with a book of photo's of your garden beds and description of plants you use. Again I am glued to this channel

  25. Suggestion, make a “butterfly alley” on one of your pathways. I have butter fly bushes and butterfly attractors along a grass walkway in my years. During certain times of the year, the volume of butterfly’s is amazing. My kids loved it when they walked thru there and the butterfly’s were going from side to side. Your kids would love it too. We also get lightening bugs thick there also. Magical.

  26. Que linda esta flor eu não conheço, qual é o nome dela?é muito linda. 🦋🌺🙏🌞

  27. Amazing planting combinations! What species of linden tree is planted at 9:40? I'm looking for something similar

  28. Wait, so snowball bushes aren't hydrangeas?

  29. Donna here, I love how the south garden is coming. My question is a little different. How on earth do you wear black in the triple digits, and 2 shirts to boot?? I just came in from watering in N.Louisiana at 101 with a heat index of 113. I have to say I had shorts and a white tshirt on and I'm still dying!!

  30. The budlea will grow easily from a woody 3' to 4'branch stuck deep in soil and kept moist…I took cuttings off a variety of colors and stuck sticks deep in soil along chain link fence for privacy….nice because they dont get too tall…reachable to cut back. All grew great….Still going 8 years later .

  31. We were 106 here in Houston…it’s been so hot and we haven’t had rain in a good long while…

  32. What is the purple/lilac groundcover past the hardy hibiscus down from the superbenas hydrangeas and butterfly bushes?

  33. After watching recap when you mentioned the "harshness of light" on this video. Ken must have worked hard. I just don't see it. But I do on other you tubers.
    So, well done.😊

  34. My Memory Flower Garden for grandmother and mother has mostly shades of purple with a purple-painted old bathtub and purple bicycle.

  35. I limbed up my tiger eye sumac and it made a huge difference!

  36. Do you have plans to get rid of the rest of the white fencing? Love the limelight, they are beautiful this year.

  37. You always give us a lot of info with your plantings . I’ve learn so much 👍🌷

  38. Laura did you know you can make elderberry pie and jam. We go pick wild ones.

  39. Wonderful video. I love your channel ❤️

  40. Did you ever dream you would have such beautiful gardens. You & Aaron & the kids work so hard, you deserve it all. Enjoy your paradise❤❤❤❤

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