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You can find all of my @Walmart kitchen finds down below!
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Come spend the day with me when im not filming cleaning content and just catching up on some things around the house, editing, and upgrading my kitchen with new products from Walmart! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe! XOXO

2 piece bakeware set-
XL griddle-
dutch oven-
All in one hero pan-
Persian runner-
electric kettle-
slow cooker-
Loloi runner-
12 piece Tyme and Table stoneware set-
Tyme and Table food storage set-

editing and filming equipment
Microphone- snowball
Laptop- MacBook Pro 14 inch
Camera-Sony Cybershot RX100

TIKTOK recipe- Little Cajun House

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  1. Happy Sunday Candis. Congrats on your collab with Walmart. How exciting!!! I love the Beautiful and Thyme and Table collection as well. I have some pieces in the same colors. Really enjoyed the video as always.

  2. Happy Sunday Candis, the bakeware are my favorite❤

  3. I do love the Sunday reset videos for inspiration, but this is a nice refreshing change! I honestly would love for you to keep switching it up! Also, I love the Walmart haul and, as always, another great recipe! ❤️

  4. Love the video and the meal looks amazing! P.S. please send that rain to Texas 😂

  5. That looked so yummy. Love your videos.

  6. Thanks for another awesome reset Sunday video and congrats on your 90k well deserved..❤

  7. Congratulations on 90K subscribers 🎉🎉🎉

  8. Your hair is so beautiful and that rug in the kitchen is also beautiful

  9. HI CANDIS 👋 I really love your new kitchen cookware and rug decor.🤩, Your dinner recipes looks so good 🤤, HAPPY SUNDAY 😁.

  10. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  11. I have a fridge just like that, love your home ❤

  12. Ouuu I’ll definitely be trying this recipe! Thank you! 🫶🏾

  13. Love your new items for your kitchen!! Great looking meal as well!!❤

  14. Love the Beautiful line at Walmart. I'm saving up for the pot and pan set.

  15. Loved your video. I will definitely try the dinner recipe. It looked delicious.😊

  16. I love the goodies from the brand Beautiful and the other brand as well 😍✨

  17. I enjoyed the video and dinner looks delicious ❤❤❤

  18. Thanks for the helpful editing tips because I love the way your videos are put together. Great job! Oh by the way congratulations on your Wal-mart collab!

  19. Hi Candis, I am headed over to Walmart I love the cookware ..❤

  20. Love the Wal-Mart haul and kitchen look Awesome!!!👍 Mrs.LaWanda

  21. Still ❤your videos….hope all is well…😊

  22. Très belle vidéo. J’adore les casseroles ❤🥰🥰🥰👏

  23. I just purchase the hero pan yesterday because of you lol. I love it

  24. Loved the video ! And congrats on the Walmart partnership 🎉🎉❤

  25. Candis, I love the video switch up. TFS a great Walmart haul and congrats on the sponsorship. They have the best products. I've been eyeing the Beautiful line and your video sold me. Also the Thyme and Table bakeware are beautiful. I've seen the matching dishes and mugs in both patterns. I have to have the set. The chicken and pasta dish made me hungry. Such an easy recipe with so many layers of flavor. I'll have to try it 👍🏽🍽😊

  26. Your videos are never boring, love to watch your new decorating. I also bought a set of Drew more cookware set, I purchased the black and gold loving it and I love to cook and explore the new dishes that you share, thank you again for that relaxing video

  27. Hi Candis, sounds like a lot of the husbands like cooking breakfast for their families 🙂. My husband does and I've heard this comment from a few others. I will take it. lol. How did the dutch oven work on your cooktop? I've always been afraid to use it on mine. Walmart has become a favorite of mine over the last year. I always love to see what you find. There is soooo much on their website. I'm going to check out the runner that you shared. tfs 🙂

  28. The recipe looks delicious, definitely going to try this. Your kitchen and now with the new addition looks so pretty.

  29. Hi Candis Thanks for the video and I love the cook ware items was nice great taste and the food looks delicious do have a great week God bless you and your family bye

    Fans tumbs up the video subscribe share video thanks fans God bless you all bye 🌺💐✨😁🌞😃💥👍👌👋

  30. I love your videos! Where did you get the desk in your bedroom from?

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