– How to find the Hidden Ninja

If you want link is here



  1. Thanks dude, this one of few tutorials that actually help

  2. My name is snowkiller some of you guy might meet b4

  3. Omg tysm I have been looking for it for months u are a legend thank you !

  4. I have 100 wins and I’m on my moms acount

  5. Actually I think I saw u my name in game is honey your sus do u think

  6. O MY GOSH THANk U sOOoOoOO MuCH U DiDnT tAKe lOnG Like THe OThEr PeOPlE

  7. Thank you soooo much !!!! Years!!! Years i have tried to find it

  8. I subscribed dude that's amazing thanks you helped me 😁😃😃😃😃😃

  9. Thank you so much you need more subs

    Also you earned a sub 😀😀

  10. Have captions and it says Indra SAGE OF THE SIX PATHS?

  11. bruh I don't even see bc ye is so laggy

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