Gameplay – Find The Hidden Ninja

LEmotion Gaming
How To Find The Hidden Ninja in (iOS, Android). is a mobile game for free download by Geisha Tokyo Inc. I found the hidden Ninja skin. Check this out!

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  1. Bro you are actually the best I have had the game for so long and just now got it thank

  2. Looked through the comments and found out that unlike many YouTubers you actually care about your fans. Then I subscribed. Thanks for showing me how to find it I've been wandering if i was just supposed to find it on a certain map

  3. Mouse in the house Still awsome A.K.A Itzz Tiger says:

    Thank you for the help I got the ninja

  4. Btw I'm gonna subscribe and turn on bell cause I'm so happy I got it

  5. I thought it was under the map! Thank you so much!

  6. Omg This is the best thing ever u r the best thanks I am subscribing

  7. 1000 subscriber Without any videos challenge says:

    I though you had wait there but you had click

  8. So when i played 1 day the game
    Glitched and got every skin for

  9. Wow thanks so much I’ve always deleted the game because I get every skin except that one how did you even no to do that

  10. Thank you so much it’s my first day I’ve been on this game and I’ve already got 50 wins thank you so much

  11. Guys you use the chat for nothing just tell where it is

  12. КАК ЕГО ПОЛУЧИТЬ???? А?! А?!

  13. Thanks for helping me find this but I bet I’m better than you


  15. I’ve been playing for months looking for it IN THE ACTUAL GAME😂
    Thank you so much

  16. I don't understand you just showed you playing 4 games where is it?

  17. Wait how did u find the ninja make a tutorial because I need two more skins it’s the ninja skin that u had on and the end skin that is mythic rank 50

  18. Omg are you serious it was right there all the time ty so much

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