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  1. Congratulations to you because your lucky for fun with ragdolls 5

  2. tip for sketch:the easier way to reset other players snowballs if by hitting their back torso with your snowball, if u did that it will resets the other players snowballs,also do NOT! stand near edges of the map

  3. So you have to collect eggs to get more coins eggs so order to buy things but sometimes if you press shop there’s somethings pay a it cost so much money but sometimes you have to pay roebucks to get things yeah so it’s hard I try to play a game was hard for me too and there is a hobby have a bunch of eggs but the thing water like was a parrot so you have to find the code what is the bridge is going to so it’s like like a Abi to get eggs

  4. Sketch what the hel on pc laggy mobile phone maybe but not ipad

  5. 0:52 sketch still at week 1
    Edit: 2:10 too
    Edit 2: 2:47 finally… ur still fnf noob tho
    Edit 3: 3:44 still stuck on that week
    Edit 4: 5:43 ur so bad that u hav to get back to week 1, so tankman was right

  6. Not weird just like eating toe nail rap and memes says:

    this video is weird and whoiesome but funny big fan bro 💖😊😂✪ ω ✪fromsethbigfan ive been watching since 2017 helps with my sadness

  7. Nice vidoe i liked and subscribed and notificaitions on looool

  8. Just to let you know i played swag elevator 🙂 by Noogie

  9. 『I have crippling depression』^-^ says:

    “You need to get BIG BALLS”
    me: – breathing intensely –

  10. bro that is how the game is sketch its about targeting people and throwing them of the map so 1 can win their not gonna let you win

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