Season 4 | M+ GOD COMP | Best (Tanks – Healers – DPS)

World of Warcraft (WoW) Patch 10.2.7 Dragonflight Season 4 best M+ classes video. In this guide I talk about the best tanks, best healers and best DPS when it comes to pushing the highest M+ keys in the world. I include my tier list for the top group composition right now!

DISCLAIMER: This video is looking at the top class representation when it comes to 0.1 title range. All of the classes are perfectly viable when it comes to lower end content!

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00:00, Intro & Disclaimer
01:12 Season 4 M+ God Comp
08:19 Tier List Summary
09:59 Most Popular Specs (Real Player Information)
13:43 Summary

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Patch 10.0 World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion.

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  1. Always important to point out that these stats are for really high keys. I been having a blast with Resto Shaman so far 🔥

  2. Vengeance needs longer CD's on all sigils and have no way to reduce it either, the amount of power in sigils deserves a massive CD.

  3. It is unfortunate, vdh has actually ruined tanking as dps and heals now mostly exist with their heads up their asses- being used to vdh pull and control potential, no other tank can do it and when you do go in as a war or dk or bm among these caster loaded mobs, w/o the lockdown others start dropping as ccs fail, which gives a very unrealistic (or realistic whichever way you look at it) picture. Anyways, big mistake, very bad design, i think vdh is most dominant tank in m+, that should never have been

  4. Forget s4 tell us what’s the god comp for wow Remix

  5. Druid being meta for all dragon flight expansion its ridiculous… expect season 2..

  6. Forget s4 what’s our god comp for wow Remix

  7. I'm never moving away from RShaman, f*ck the meta.
    Can't wait to get WF 'totem' back in TWW

  8. the thing is this video barely applies to average players,my main is prot warrior getting into keys really easy, but once im trying to play my shadow priest which is only on 504 im not getting invites to anywhere maybe for a +2 if im lucky, its just too hard to get into keys lately coz ppl are so picky, almost impossible to play dps as a solo player

  9. This dude is always so focused on doing dps as a healer. If healers likecyouvwould do more healing instead us dps wouldn't have to blow defensive cds or run out and wait till our hp comes back, and dps specs would do much more dps then you're doing as a healer

  10. Same thing as Season 3, just Spriest is MUCH better than boomkin, so stay with resto druid.

    VDH, Spriest, Fire, Aug, Resto Druid……. there ya go

  11. people also playing the meta specs, because they want to be invited. waiting to get in a group for +1hour just because your playing a non meta spec, even in lower keys, wait time is horrendous!

  12. Yes, Resto Druid is miles ahead. In terms of healing and dps.

  13. So, in the end the only classes that were 'punished' for being in S2 god comp were Hpal which was absolutely destroyed and to a lesser degree Bear?

    Been playing a little Rdruid. How come people say its a hard spec to play atm? In raw numbers Rdruid is just absolutely bonkers

  14. Super!!! Becouse of stupid videos like this, nobody will take with even in a +2 if u dont have the roght class…. What a shit

  15. Before watching: VDH, Rdruid, mage, spriest and evoker. I have no idea, I only do 10s.

  16. Could be wrong, but I feel like the people still trying In a season four are also often more likely to be proformance based players. So, more rerolling comes with that.

  17. Season will be dead in few weeks if they don’t do smth, and I doubt they will do any changes tbh. As vdh main I’m okay with meta but problem is there will be no players soon, even meta slaves will be bored and gone. And how can you not be a meta slave if you simply never get intuited as non meta class for keys of your level, and I can’t imagine inviting warrior or dk for anything higher then 14

  18. I actually hate this because i wanted to play my evoker.. hes at like 2.9k io from week 2 then Ive just been doing vault keys and i started to dust my druid off from last season.. but just have not had the motivation to get all his crests

  19. Shadow priest, aug evoker, resto druid, fire mage and vengeance demon hunter is pretty much the meta. This season lacks variety just like the previous one.

  20. remenber play the best GOD COMP and best wowhead talents ,gears

  21. I prefer to play my shaman. I've been playing 10 years my shaman restoration and I will never give up on him no matter how druid is OP, it will not last forever, one day shaman we'll be top once more :p

  22. My resto druid feels good in keys. I fight my way into the middle for raid.

  23. Happy Birthday! Hope you didn't party too hard! lol.

  24. So stupid that it’s that much of a spread man…

  25. hoping to see resto druid nerfs its a night and day difference coming from mistweaver.

  26. vdh, resto druid, shadow priest and mage are 100% lock ins. Even normal keys people want these 4 specs. The only wiggle room is lower keys trading aug for destro lock or ret pal. That's it.

    and yup, boring.

  27. IMO raid buffs have been severely overlooked since even S1. The raid buffs along with the VDH buffs have just locked in this comp

  28. Remove the buffs the classes provide and you wont have the meta problem

  29. when ever a vid comes out like this i go into a cold sweat since i main druid all specks, and restro is such a comfy heal speck and because of how it heals is so dang to easy to oversmash with the nerf hammer and ruin it for the season i realy hope they start buffing the quality of how others work to bring them up instead of again smashing us.

  30. Its not that Vengeance is broken, its that it does the job and itd FUN. Dont nerf them, just fix other tanks !!!!! If they kill vengeance ill be on my way out.

  31. Bummer spriest is so good because holy priest is pumping right now.

  32. DO NOT nerf vengeance. Vengeance is fun to play for all the right reasons. Buff the other classes to make them fun to play as well.

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