Scary Videos Caught On TikTok

Christen Wicklund
Today I’m showing you some of the scariest videos I could find on TikTok
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  1. Looks like a rabbit up the tall topless tree lol 😊

  2. Stop talking so damm much, with you talking I can't even focus on any video! F.

  3. The mcdonalds sandwitch is old. They left it out. Look at the cheese. The sausage came off a griddle as did the egg it would kill the maggots… the video is a lie. The lab grown meat is worse for the planet and causes 10x the pollution than regular farming… its also made with carcinogenic materials

  4. The cover was pulled down from one point like something was tied to it on the last video

  5. The whale is sleeping 😄 batwhale 🦹🏻‍♀️. No just kidding, I think it’s a way for them to cool down

  6. Grew up in a haunted house. Taking a nap after school one day. Awoke, but didn't move, when I felt someone lay down beside me . Was deciding if I had a dream and afraid to look. Then it rolled over. Jumped almost 10ft to my door from a laying position. Yes, it's possible if you're scared. Just one of many experiences of myself and others. For the record, was sleeping at my Mom's house in my 40s when a demon crawled out of my closet. This is when I realized there are no ghosts, only demons. God says nothing about stranding our souls.. Rebuke in Jesus' name. You'll be surprised the power you wield with him and true Faith. Much Love

  7. That looks like the light hitting a huge spider web to me🤔

  8. Shit video. You dont like talking on intros, but 53 seconds of babbling elapsed prior to sharing someone else's clips. Picking crap outta your ear on video, inane nonsense reactions and comments. Non-existent scripting (which is okay if you're witty and say enjoying things, not okay if you're just oohing and aahing and reading other people's comments).

    Suggestions from a dude who never see another video and doesn't care if you improve or not: stop gushing around on your face holes and degreasing your face with your fingernails. It's gross, and counterintuitive because you clearly don't care about your appearance. Play your videos back after editing (editing is a thing you do to clean up your videos and create engaging narrative, you can find more info about that term on Google).

    You're definitely gonna be in your feelings and instantly dismiss everything I say cause 800 people tapped a button, and that’s okay. And if you're doing this for fun and not hoping to ever make more than $7 a month from content theft/"creation", these tidbits will help you.

  9. I think the first one is a spider web near the camera blowing in the wind with some tiny spiders or something caught in it with light shining off it

  10. The blanket is . Fun with Fishing line . And it's pulled thought the fabric

  11. The ring video looks kinda like a lot of layers of glass or plastic with a Lazer pointed at it in front of the camera .

  12. Just found your channel and subbed.. (not flirting) but I find myself more locked on your eyes than the clips on screen😂😂😂 Your eyes are beautiful 🤗🤗 Anyways your videos are awsome keep it up!!

  13. That seat is nasty . If it has holes in it I am not ever sitting on it now .

  14. And a hard pass on any food made in a lab .

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