Rig Rundown: Joey Landreth (The Bros. Landreth)

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Canadian alt-country group the Bros. Landreth have become known for bringing not just layers of blues, rock, and eclectic modern influence to the traditional country sound, but for Joey Landreth’s depth as a guitarist and stunning tone on the instrument.

Built on a lifetime of brothers Joey and Dave’s absorbing classic country music, the band was launched with the release of 2013’s Let It Lie, through which they not-long-after made a mark on the scene when the album garnered a JUNO Award for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year in 2015. Following the release of 2019’s ’87, the group later received another major accolade when Bonnie Raitt covered Let It Lie’s “Made Up Mind” on her 2022 release, Just Like That…

While the original lineup included drummer Ryan Voth and pianist Alex Campbell, and the band has toured with guitarist Ariel Posen, the brothers have since taken a step back from the larger band arrangement to lead as a duo. Their latest, 2022’s Coming Home, spotlights the two in that dynamic, while featuring a few backing players.

Joey Landreth hung with John Bohlinger and the PG team before the Bros. Landreth’s show at Nashville’s Riverside Revival, where Landreth played some mind-blowing guitar and demoed his unique method for reproducing his studio sound live.

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00:00 – D’Addario String Finder
00:15 – Joey Landreth Playing Intro
00:58 – John Bohlinger & Joey Landreth Introductions
01:16 – Sorokin Pluma & Ron Ellis LRPs Pickups
06:12 – Mule Resophonic Guitars Mulecaster
08:56 – Novo Serus Baritone
12:04 – Using Stringjoy Strings
13:50 – Exploring Alternative Open Tunings
15:59 – Joey Landreth’s Signature Two-Rock Amp
21:46 – Two-Rock Studio Signature Amps
23:21 – Joey Landreth’s Pedalboard
35:45 – Joey Landreth’s Signature Rock Slide

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  1. Joey Landreth….what a great player.

    Nice guy to boot.

  2. John, this video is with Joey is just awesome his playing is just the best of the best and I love all the great tones and crazy good note choices just a great and gifted artist!!!

  3. Yes!! Been on the edge of my seat waiting for this ever since it was teased!! Joey is phenomenal as usual, and such a great interview from John!

  4. I’m no physicist but I’ve read tuning thicker strings can be problematic because the effective vibrating length isn’t quite as long as the measured length of the string compared to thinner, more flexible strings played the same way. The string apparently acts more like a rod close to the anchor points.

  5. JB and crew: any chance you are going to do Ryan Adams and the Cardinals next week when they play Ryman?

  6. So, the spring before COVID, Joey came to town. I met up with him at the afternoon sound check to give him a one-of-a-kind pedal I had built that I thought he might like. We chatted for a bit and I made mention, in passing, of the red Mulecaster with the triple palm-pedal. I had only ever seen a triple in the flesh once in my life before then. In 1982, the late great Ted McCarty, of all people, who was president of Bigsby at the time, gave me a tour of the facility and started pulling these gorgeous gleaming gold palm-pedals off the shelf to show me, like a kid eager to show you the neat stuff he got for Christmas. Joey said "Here, you wanna try it?" and handed me the Mulecaster. It was, in a word, unplayable. Why? Because he strung it with .019-.063 strings. Tuned down a half or full-step, yes, but my callouses aren't THAT hard. And keep in mind he not only plays slide on that, but he frets and bends strings on it too. I joke with my wife that if I ever have a pickle jar that I simply can't get open, I know who to call. That fella's hand are STRONG .

  7. these are some of the most epic tones on Premier Guitar. Joey is certainly a very deeeeep cat, I could listen to him playing all day long!

    I also feel like Joey has been listening to some Julian Lage, recently!

  8. One of the most brilliant guitar players alive today. Wow!

  9. Fab. Would like to demo that amp…and the guitar. Heck, all of it.

  10. I am so going to regret not going to his recent show in my city…

  11. This man rules the Fuzz !! Oh yeah and the open tuning slide stuff……

  12. So the Gibson C&D also meant that Joey couldn't keep playing the p90 guitar? Is it a publicity thing?

  13. What a great player and cool guy. Keep on keepin on Joey, I’m here for it!!!

  14. I pressed like before I was 3 seconds in! (And I mean this video)

  15. Sweetest guy imaginable. Glad to have seen him while he was down in Charlotte. Kickass live sound!

  16. What an awesome surprise to hear a shout out to Champagne James! He played a with band called Run With the Kittens who used to do a monthly gig in Guelph, Ontario.

  17. John has no claim here. Joey may have run beneath the numbers. I feel for john.

  18. that contraption should be named freddies glove

  19. Good to see Joey bailed on the small board 😂

  20. One of the most inspiring guitarists alive.

  21. Love the sounds ,looking forward to hearing some of the music .
    Especially love that Novo the tone the checking and the unusual sunburst are beautiful 🎉
    Another great RR!👍🙏🙌🫶

  22. I still don’t understand how someone builds a signature Two Rock amp and he still needs a Maxon TS9 for drive. I would send them back to the drawing board until I needed no “always on” drive pedal. Joey could play through anything and sound amazing.

  23. Ron Ellis humbuckers are bright, clear, open, detailed, dimensional, and have great feel. No mud, no thud.

  24. I was just getting into Harmonic Tremolo, after being a Uni Vibe user, for years, when I first found Joey Landreth.
    He gets some of the greatest modulation tones, I’ve ever heard, and it helped me find more uses for the Harmonic/Bias Trem pedal, that I have.
    I got the Subdecay Vagabond, because it has an attack feature, where the speed gets faster with pick attack, and slows as the volume settles, or vice versa. Ended up using the Bias a lot more than I thought I would, and with just a little bit of phaser(slow speed/depth barely up) in front of it, it makes some great tones.

  25. 6:11 why, in 28 years of playing guitar, have I never thought of doing this with my lead when swapping guitars?

  26. Gibson is a corperation ,They should have no rights to any copyrights! Ted mcarty maybe.

  27. john bolinger is my favorite interviewer i think because of those jokes he tells that tetnis shot joke everytime old strings are brought up lmao i mean this in the best way possible

  28. Good to see a dentist rig being put to good use.

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