Reacting to Report that New York Jets tried to hire someone to ‘REPLACE’ Nathaniel Hackett!

Jake Asman
According to SNY New York Jets Reporter Connor Hughes, the NY Jets tried to hire someone to “run the show” in place of OC Nathaniel Hackett! What does this report indicate about the Jets offense going into 2024? Jake Asman shares his thoughts on the story, takes your calls, and much more!

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  1. I'm still waiting for King Loski to call in and say hey bonesy, I need some lemonade. I know it's delicious!!!

  2. How the hell did Nat get a HC job?? Like how??

  3. Jake trolled Gary so hard this ep. 😂😂😂 I actually felt bad for him.

  4. Because Hackett is a NEPO BABY whose family works in the nfl. Not because of his great creative mind.

  5. Chiefs fan is stoked about his buddy’s mattress he rarely even uses except to bang.

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Thats gonna be a comfy mattress though. Sleep Number is GOATED.

  6. For Aaron Rodgers, Nathaniell Hackett has been a good OC, not for anyone else though.

  7. This is where I get a little worried if something does happen to Rodgers again

  8. A Aron runs offense at the line hackett just his assistant we need someone else to work with kid!!!

  9. Rodgers doesn't hae time to teach new oc
    His offense

  10. Better to get SF early before they get rolling

  11. Run game should be a beast if line has consistency ground and pound killer d should carry us a game or 2

  12. My Dad played WR & Corner, wrote plays & game plans & coached…
    He’d be a great fit as an asst. and would work cheap he’s been such a jets fan since Joe Willie.#12!

  13. Hiw about ending Thessaloniki at home for once?

  14. I would think after last year if I’m Saleh, I’m doing everything this offseason to learn offensive play calling. He can have his best man Matt LaFleur work with him. He’s an NFL HC and top D Coord so he must have an understanding what the off does that’s effective. But he needs to be ready if God forbid Rodgers goes down and there is a need to take the clipboard from Hackett.

  15. I am a jet fan, i not care who the Qb is, if the looked for someone above hackett only person is kead coach , who knows nothing of off.

  16. Didn't hacket get hired in January? And didn't aron rogers come out his darkness retreat in February and announce his intentions to play for the jets? I could have that wrong but why do people keep saying aron made the hacket request? He wasn't on the team, apparently wasn't even sure if he was playing. The jets swear they just needed a new oc and hacket was the best option available. So why does everyone keep saying aron got hacket there? How did the jets "plan to have aron change hackets plays on the line" he wasn't on the team yet. Are we just assuming the jets were in contact with aron months before? Why interview carr then? I have Questions!!! Lol

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