Pov: Day in the Life of a Cloud Engineer

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pov: day in the life of a Cloud Engineer

Watch my day in the life of a cloud engineer building a cybersecurity company

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  1. Do you have scholarships for your program? I would love to join but just cant afford this.

  2. Sir can make a video on free certification cloud architecture domain or cloud domain ❤🎉

  3. I am just about to start my AWS journey. After watching tons of vlogs I find you one of the best out there. For starters please let me know how I could get into your acadamy. Thanks and keep up the good work ✌️

  4. I would dare to do even greater things I wouldn't do normally
    Thank you, Soleyman

  5. Can you do testimonials on people who took your course?

  6. If I know I can’t fail I would focus on the main task and find ways to just incline myself towards activities that make my goals easier

  7. If i know I can't fail, I'll just keep on going deeper in that skill.. no matter what we know still, we learn things 🙃

  8. You're going to make a significant impact among your tech peers!❤

  9. Keep going bro !!
    Do you need a video editor bro ?
    I can do a sample video;)

  10. I wont stop!! would give my very best to all that i do. Thank you for being a great inspiration Soleyman

  11. Hiii
    Should a person have to have knowledge of networking ( ccna ) before jumping into cloud computing ??

  12. I dont think this guys actually works in the cloud

  13. This was my thought process before I went to bed last night.."as long as I keep going,I can never fail"..

  14. What does the cybersecurity business actually offer? Consulting? Professional services? Do you have a website?

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