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0:00 TL’DC
0:35 Introduction
1:12 Patch 14.10
2:05 Returning Players
2:18 Support & Jungle
2:58 Black Fire Torch
5:04 Builds for Laning
6:45 Nashor’s Tooth
7:20 Builds for Jungle
9:36 Rune Builds
10:48 Conclusion


  1. Many folks simply want to have fun, learn about new things, or do whatever they want; that's fine; find what works for you. I've long lost interest in the toxic, competitive high-ranking environment of Diamond & Master players, as well as everyone who takes it too seriously, don't let this game destroy your wholesome little minds, rather, get out there and make others suffer.PS: Yes, Legend: Haste does not reduce (R); only your (Q) and (W) slight errors in the explanation, sorry. Still good if you like to spam xP

  2. Remember ppl, ur not top lane teemo to win the game. You are there to make the enemy top laner hate their life and d/c.

    Curious why not do like pta build, cuz its good too.

  3. Hello, sir. I'm a fellow hardcore teemo enthusiast. I live, breathe, and die by the shroom. Playing other champs just doesn't hit the same. So, I just need to let you know. Your passionate teemo guide are something I hold very close to my heart. I've read your full Mobafire guide and have seen all your video on teemo. There aren't many others out there doing it like you are. Also like you, I am deeply invested in hard-analyzing teemo in terms of builds and play-styles. To an academic degree. Thank you for breaking it down in such a satisfying and satiating way. This is what I crave. These are my fixings.

    This is me, simply expressing gratitude. If you release more specific and in-depth teemo videos, I will forever cherish them. Please keep making them. – Fellow scout

  4. Voidstaff and Cryptbloom will outdamage Shadowflame, if the enemy has even one magic resist item, or would you replace another item instead?

  5. The highlight of my game is starting D ring vs a bruiser/ tank and watching them going MR early then me going kraken first item. It feels sooooo good! Kraken is so strong as a first item.

    I feel like on hit allows more flexibility to builds because you can always pivot into a hybrid build or start with wits end if vs a heavy AP champ in lane.

  6. I have been using the attackspeed rune over berserkers or nashors. Would u say that is fine or rather not worth it taking over for something else?

  7. i might be wrong but legend hast is suppose to on buff the cdr of basic ability not ur R

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