NA DEFEATS EU for the 1st time EVER at Worlds / Favorite teams in the meta – Summoning Insight S5E27

Join MonteCristo and Thorin as they discuss the Worlds 2022 Play-Ins stage, RNG and DRX’s current form and potential in groups, the elimination of MAD Lions at the hands of Evil Geniuses, predictions for the Group Stage of the Worlds Main Event, who are the favorites for the title, how DAMWON Kia and T1 may be bolstered by the emerging meta, and more.

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This episode was filmed on October 5th, 2022.

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0:00:00 – NA Copium cold open

0:01:47 – Intro + Worlds format

0:11:10 – Worlds casters

0:30:29 – Gen.G Worlds jersey

0:36:44 – Overwatch 2

0:43:00 – MAD Lions vs Evil Geniuses

0:58:52 – DFM vs RNG

1:03:58 – Fnatic + LOUD

1:09:46 – Group Stage preview

1:29:16 – Dade Award

1:41:57 – Closing thoughts

1:46:29 – GROGcoin questions + Is Odoamne the western GOAT top laner?

1:48:48 – “Flash in the pan” players

1:49:38 – Esports nephews

1:54:25 – Username guidelines

1:57:57 – Edgy jokes

1:59:45 – Monte’s smoker

2:01:25 – How to support us

2:03:48 – Will Flakked stay on G2?

2:06:16 – “It was all a dream” trope

2:07:55 – Best place to find out about “scrim bucks”

2:08:52 – DOTA question

2:11:45 – Ranking the LCS teams

2:13:00 – Cooking to impress someone

2:13:24 – How to improve at reading

2:15:15 – Riot mixing casters around

2:21:28 – 2 Play-ins spots for LJL

2:22:12 – Creative cheating in esports

2:24:43 – Comradery and rivalry

2:25:35 – Egregious end-of-season awards



  1. Just want to thank you guys for providing great content for the loongest time.🎉🎉 All the best in the future

  2. What a fall-off from Mad Lions, they went from winning the split (regular seeding) thus giving them a free berth into worlds without needing to win a single bo5 and then got knocked out of play-ins by EG who also had a similar trajectory after winning the regular season of LCS (although they actually won 2 bo5's to get there). I think it's worth relooking at the format for next year and maybe adding in a gauntlet, because I'm pretty sure that by the end of playoffs both VIT, Misfits and Excel would have beaten MAD in a bo5. The fact that you can place 7th in Spring and then 1st in summer and auto qualify for worlds in spite of an appalling playoffs performance is kind of ridiculous. They didn't deserve this Worlds spot and they wasted EU's fourth seed and lost to a struggling EG that has a last minute sub.

  3. have PastryTime as the guest for next week, just put that middle finger to riot

  4. Monte had me at doa. I'm looking foward to watching there live viewing.

  5. That anal bead joke about DoubleLift and Lena at the end. 🤣

  6. What an intro!! As always thanks for the content.

  7. Early in the year I was watching the player caster streams but lately i've noticed just how lazy they are about it, like no prep work etc and switched back to watching riots main channel and their casters. Like in one of the EG vs Mad games Doublelift, Sneaky, and Meteos went on a 15 min argument/debate about whos fault someone stealing a kill on Kaori was. In my head i'm like wtf come on guys get back to the fucking game and I switched over.

  8. I laughed so god damn hard at the GenG jersey

  9. For me the highlight of eg mad was Kaori. Dude was in academy a month ago and just threw down with yutapon and unforgiven and won. He wasn't even dead weight for impact and inspired to drag across the finish line. Even if they get obliterated in groups he can be proud of that showing. I don't see eg putting Danny on the main roster. Who would you rather have, someone whose thrown strait into the fire and prospers, or a pro who crumbles from social media pressure

  10. Monte, what do you think of Closer's Lee sin compared to some Korean junglers lee?

  11. I have a feeling EG or G2 will get out of groups but only like a 20%

  12. EG beating MAD is enough copium for NA to last til next years worlds. Fuck getting out of groups, this is enough.

  13. The CBLOL international rep is almost never the 1 seed. Loud was the 4 seed this year. Brazil is a very spread region as opposed to LJL where it is basically just DFM.

  14. I think GG tried to integrate calligraphy but failed

  15. Viper as a high probability Dade Award winner? Are you high? Please show me the moments in his career where he was the reason his team lost in a high stakes situation, I'll wait.

  16. Im confused about if i should still watch you guys. Ive been watching this show for damn near if not 10 years. And i loved how you guys always stook to your values. Thats what confuses me about your take on the Andrew Tate Carlos situation. In a free western world it shouldnt have ever even made the news. Yet you guys supported the blowback. Idk i just find it weird that you guys would have this take seeing how you believe in freedom and individuality. You can make any accusation you want about Tate doesnt make it true. That whole sex trafficking thing was worked out by the Romanian authorities. The female that Tate was with lied to her boyfriend because she was cheating on him. This is all on CCTV and the news you can look it up. I dont get why you are so willfully ignorant about someone that might be obnoxious but other than that just a regular dude

  17. Bro its not a monopoly on casters lmao. Its their game their broadcast their property the fuck? I dont like the CCP as much as the next guy. But that being said. No one is forcing these casters to sign a contract. This type of job is a luxury job. Its crazy how you say riot games loses money from esports yet you still want them to run leagues and not make any budget cuts. Just lose money? I just find it weird how entitled we all are. Its a video game with a definite lifespan. You shouldnt go into that field with permanent work in mind seeing how the sport is a finite thing that will end sooner rather than later

  18. HOLY SHIT The intro fucking sent me what a work of art

  19. how do g2 never use the samurai? its all over the place

  20. The "Fudge Facore online" kills me Lmaoo

  21. So, here are the copium based chances for western teams making it out of groups.

    Cloud 9 20% – C9 greatest strength is their botlane, but unfortunately for them every other team in their group can match or even outperform them here. The shift in meta doesn't help them either. Also jensen is the worst midlaner in this group. BUT it's C9, they might still do it, somehow…

    FNATIC 40% – I mean, they stumbled out of the airport and stomped EG. Also engage supports being back in the meta is great for Hyli and Humanoid is finally playing the game! If now Razork manages to play like he did in play-offs we are gucci.

    Evil Geniuses 10% – They managed to beat EU, mental block is gone. So all that needs to happen now: Impact starts to play like a human again, Kaori positioning improves drasticly, Inspired and Jojo smurf every game and they might have a shot.

    G2 30% – They beat EG 6 times already so no problem doing it 2 more times. The game being less about bot side and seju being meta is a massive buff for g2. If JDG actually pulls an LDG like some analyst predict G2 might even go first in their group.

    Rouge 50% – Yeah, I know, the meta shift hurts Rouge. But after years of doubting them they recently made me a Believer with Odo finally winning a title. Also Rouge is the BO1 King, the most consistent team EU has had over the last years. As long as they have a good meta read coming into the tournament they should be fine.

    100 Thieves 0% – Not even copium can save this.

  22. 1:18:55 "i have no idea who this team is, but 5 people i've never heard of definitely have a chance to beat 100T" – maybe do some research first, this is one of many reasons i take every single thing monte says wiht a grain of salt. i can't even be sure he has any idea what he's talking about. like that time he was complaining about Viego after his release without knowing how his ult/reset worked at all.

  23. Best cheat has to be a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament where a player modded his setup to buff a bottom tier character: Pichu and went on to win the tournament.

  24. What a great timeline to live in, listening Monte talk about vibrations in butts.

  25. instand like cause thorin said "the numbers mason" and i just made a joke bout that yesterday
    + kinda weird title cause it implies that EU won alot of bo5 vs NA at worlds but there was only FNC vs C9 before lel

  26. In regards to the family statement I think if they help set him up for a different job maybe even a non player one if he is simply unable to compete then I think it's fair.

    The ability to handle the pressure is a requirement of the job, if they help him get past it and help him move forward be it as a player or not that's good on them.

  27. Captain Flowers is the worst. So Bias and has annoying way to hyped style all the way throughout the game.

  28. Feel like Kaori is a lot better at laning meanwhile Danny is a little bit better at teamfighting.

  29. They did stop prolly by going from his original name 🙁

  30. the only reason MAD vs DRX was close was because Pyosik is arguably the worst player at worlds group stage, I challenge you to find another player from one of the four major regions that is worse than triple full clear lee sin type player (Pyosik) Juhan is a god sent.

  31. The Casting Talent is one of the main reason i still watch, if enough of them get kicked ill stop watching

  32. If Monty is right the best teams in the world coming from the best league in the world are gonna get rolled. LPL stands no chance next to the LCK juggernauts that definitely haven't lost the last 8 of 9 BO5s against the LPL.

  33. Yo i actually think, moving the minor regions into the major regions would actually be super super good for the game, and international tournaments

  34. I think danny is gonna be a flash in the pan. I just have a wierd feeling hes gonna go back to school, and stop being a pro.

  35. play ins is worlds because it's the only part that has the truest form of diversity in teams. they could call play ins, worlds. making the main event, Asias.

  36. they just made lore?, idk how to spell her tag, travel and let the americans stay home and will travel around na. mexico doesn't like americans anyways lol

  37. Classic Riot being disgusting. As if a mega billion dollar corporation doesn't have the money to keep the casters on. Piss off with that noise, so ridiculous how the talent is still treated this way after all these years and there's been no unionization of any kind

  38. thorin the flaw with your logic and it's actually major is that even family doesnt just get a starting spot for being family

  39. Maybe these fellas will stop blowing Gen G now after they looked awful.

  40. That is one of the best intros i have seen on Thoorin's channel soooo good: D

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