MARIO MOVIE Trailer Breakdown – Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Easter Eggs & References!

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The Super Marios Bros. Movie trailer is full of mushroom shaped Easter Eggs, references to ALL the Nintendo games, and Chris Pratt’s Mario voice! Here’s our frame-by-frame analysis!

The Mario Movie is finally on its way and we finally have a glimpse, though a brief one, at just what kind of visit to the Mushroom Kingdom this is going to be. Anna Vanston breaks down the trailer, frame by frame, even deciphering what the Super Marios Bros. movie title screen tells us about where this story fits in the overall Mario timeline. Nintendo is famous for its quirky timeline and this movie just made things crazier. Somehow Mario has never visited the Mushroom Kingdom before? The Chris Pratt voice ISN’T Italian? Mario is meeting Toad for the first time! Princess Peach is nowhere to be seen! And Bowser is more powerful than ever! — Luckily, it is Super Mario BROS afterall, so we do get a glimpse of Luigi escaping some sort of mansion, though probably not Luigi’s mansion. Join us as we examine a few theories about what kind of Super Mario Odyssey this is going to be, predictions of the Smash Bros fights we’re gonna encounter, and all the sneaky Nintendo easter eggs that await Mario & Luigi as they traverse the Mushroom Kingdom.

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  1. Hey do you want to know the icon in the flags in the towers,its among us 0)

  2. The penguins are from sm64
    + there is a blue koppa
    ++ the butterfly that is by marios is from super Mario galaxy

  3. Yes to gaming!!!! Do the Last of Us! Both the games and series!!!!

  4. I wanna see a purple and yellow butterfly come up to mario and magically become green when the movie comes out

  5. God those jokes and interjections were so painfully unfunny

  6. I was hoping Mario comes from the game Donkey Kong Jr. when he entered the mushroom world. He was an antagonist in the game.

  7. Looks like that's a snowflake in the penguin kingdoms flag…

  8. The penguins are from Super Mario 64 which is a nice callback.

  9. The flag on top of the penguin kingdom is a star

  10. I'd love to see some legit Mario RPG content and characters like Geno and Mallow or the pseudo-Power Rangers

  11. The blue mushroom is “perfectly fine” because In paper Mario it gives Mario health not because it’s a mini mushroom.

  12. I honestly think the flag is a star, I.e. what Bowser was trying to get!

  13. This video was so horrible literally explained obvious things

  14. I would bet the more seasoned Red Koopa is a Fire Brother.

  15. I’m pretty sure the symbol on the ice kingdoms flags are just ice cubes lol

  16. another thing. the penguins in this movie strongly resemble the penguins from super mario 64 and galaxy 1 and 2.

  17. A mario movie trailer video not bringing up mario 64 when talking about the penguins? Impossible

  18. They need to fix Mario's accent, it's nonexistent.

  19. I’m going to be honest, the flags on the penguins building look like they have the Grand Star logo on them from the Mario Galaxy games. Interesting thought though😅

  20. Why has nobody mentioned that the logo for the movie has a similar sliver on the,super and movie as the 1993 movie

  21. I would loveeeeeeee to see this Mario cross over with the Sonic from the recent movies some how

  22. One wahaaaaa best movie😂😂😂😂😂

  23. 5:12 you can see the blue koopa while a red koopa gets hit by the ice cube

  24. The floating islands remind me more of Mario odyssey. Like the secret star in the cascade kingdom

  25. Bruh those flags are stars come on now do better anna

  26. Chris Pratt was a poor choice for Mario…i mean…at least try an italian accent…but ah well…Pratt must be desperate enough at the failure of the last Jurassic World movie…could he be vying for redemption? and if so…voicing Mario?? sounds like someone needs to second guess life choices made……

  27. Anna is also a great singer – Worth a YouTube "Poor Unfortunate Souls – "The Little Mermaid" Reimagined (Cover by Anna Vanston)"

  28. the symbol on the Penguin Kingdom flag is the same as the snowflake coin currency of Shiveria the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey

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