Let’s Try No Man’s Sky ADRIFT! Expedition 13 LIVE!

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No Man’s Sky 4.7, ADRIFT, is here with Expedition 13! Join me as I explore an abandoned universe for the first time LIVE! I’ll do my best to complete every milestone and objective and to collect all of the expedition rewards in one go! Gameplay recorded on PS5. Full patch notes can also be found below!

No Man’s Sky ADRIFT:

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  1. I started my expedition this morning. That start was kind of hard. I'm on a part where you have to reach a height of 1600 meters using only your jetpack. Ended up wrecking my jetpacks on the way down.

  2. My first time getting off a planet in an expedition, I'm terrible at this

  3. I just started the expedition, and is my first time actually discovering something near the route.

  4. 54:09 I didn't get that message. All I got when I selected that mission was "starship repair 50% complete, gather the materials to finish the repair"

    I see Deuterium, open the blueprint in the game, and it says I need dehydrogen and tritium, zero mention of silicate powder.

  5. Nintendo switch finna have to wait like three weeks for Adrift to release lmaooo

  6. 33:42 rare Kanaju moment.

    I would've watched you live if I wasn't busy playing the expedition myself. And it's hard to pick between all the NMS youtubers streaming it at the same time. 😆

    Btw cursed dust is in the base game but only some pirate missions give it to you as a reward.

  7. I dont know if this was updated at some point or specific to the expedition, but it wasnt until 3:31:23 that I realized our exosuit hasnt spoken aloud the entire time. Its making me wonder, If this is expedition specific, what state is Telamon ended up in that they arent speaking anymore?

  8. Stupid gamer need help. I have troube to find 12 Buildung with the shit Signalscanner. I take it not find structur what is this shit. I ahve tryed 5 Palnets not working what mußt i do need help.

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