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  1. disgusting. ruining everyones fun just to give it to nakeds at outpost doesnt make up for ruining actual legit players fun

  2. Pretty sad. Just report the YouTube account as he obviously does this for some sense of self worth. Responding to comments with:

    "I get pretty good views."

    Discord will also remove their Discord server if you go onto the server and report it for the sale of hacks 🙂

  3. I don't understand why people cheat, like deadass just get better than the people you're going up against. There will always be someone better than you, so just either outsmart them or outplay them, not cheat like a moron. Try being legit bro…

  4. The only women this man touches is his motherr

  5. This ain’t fin make you blow up on yt lil bro 😭

  6. Damn what a banger snowball 😂 (I'm joking it's just so sad you said that when u cheating that it's actually funny). Like you didn't even get a banger snowball, the program did it itself man

  7. dudes/girls like this are ruining the game i hope they get ip banned so they won't be able to play anny steam game anny more

    its making me sick people like this even exist why do you need to cheat in a game like this oh wait i know why cause you suck ass without cheats

  8. This is why u have no bitches and why no one plays this game, and it’s the most sad thing ever that u so bad at this game u can’t even play properly

  9. how can you scream "loaded", "big snowball" , "making plays" when you're cheating like this. You seem to believe all the crap you're saying that's pretty sad.

  10. 4:11 “I just got grubbed 😡” like imagine like being so bad u are hacking and u still die 😂😂😂

  11. How to know if you really suck at a video game you cheat

  12. another pathetic attempt at getting a career going as a low life cheater.

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