Lactate Threshold, VO2 Max and heart rate training EXPLAINED

Anya Culling
Episode 3/10 in my build to Berlin Marathon

Thank you so much for watching and thank you to my great friend Max for filming .

Thank you to COROS for their continued support. Worth mentioning in reference to comparing lab data to watch predictions; COROS training hub uses algorithmic data for predictive race times, HR zones, and Lactate Threshold. The more data that is fed into the algorithm the more reliable the data becomes. This is in contrast, to a singular day of testing which will only provide you with data acquired from that day’s performance.

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  1. thanks very helpful info, but i'm a little confused, since lt1 as far as i know should correspond to zone 2(upper limit) not zone 3….

  2. Sound quality is so bad I can’t hear a damn thing!

  3. That's mad we have the exact same threshold, max HR and resting HR haha. Good luck with your marathon training!

  4. Hi anya how are you getting on with full time athlete life?

  5. Very interesting. I have a coros pace 2, so it's good to know the data is somewhere close to reliable. My V02 max is 55, and the threshold pace is 04:01
    Suggests I should be able to beat .you 5K PB of 19:40. Maybe I don't push hard enough.
    I was shocked somewhere at a really high level didn't know their heart rate zones and didn't use heart rate data.

  6. I don't think those pace numbers make a lot of sense, coz then you could run your marathon way much faster than LT2 according to this test.

  7. Niiiice! Good signs! Keep this data with you and we’ll compare when you do it again! Very insightful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Such an interesting video so clearly explained , I know understand so much more … thank you ! ❤

  9. Thanks for the informative video! Which lab did you use for the tests? Would be keen to do the comparison too.

  10. Nice! Out of interest, what does the Corus say your VO2 Max is?

  11. All this time I thought most of your runs should be in zone 2 lol

  12. Great video. First one I have seen for these type of tests which is easy to understand and not full of too much jargon.

  13. The results section was really informative. Thanks for sharing, Anya. I'm looking forward to lining up with you, and everyone else in Berlin!

  14. Interesting but how does it make sense? You ran a marathon at 3:39/km pace a couple of months ago which is above your LT2. Is it just loss of fitness?

  15. Interesting. But shouldn't 80% of running be in Zones 1 and 2?

  16. Thanks for sharing Anya, really informative. I am really interested in the science!! Good luck for Berlin 👍

  17. Great video very informative, excited to see the videos of the training for Berlin 🙂

  18. When you calculcuate LT1 you do HR@10 mins averaged with final heart rate but what speed to you start the treadmill at to increase it by 1kph every 3 mins?
    Start at 5kph?
    Enjoyed the video, cheers!

  19. Great vlog! I appreciate you sharing the details of your results. Your clear explanation of the terminology is very useful as well. You've got me curious to do a VO2Max test myself.I love my Pace 2 as well. Keep pushing!

  20. I so like that you now feel equipped to be more intentional in your training. This is something that I too am learning to do at the age of 67 using a newly acquired smartwatch after 30+ years of multiple endurance sport engagement with lots of mistakes along the way.

  21. Great video explaining the terms in a very simple way. My only comment is that to measure your VO2Max the famous Cooper test was invented. So you need to run as fast as you can for 12 minutes (instead of the 8 minutes you recommended). The distance you ran subtract that with 505 and then you need to divide the result by 45. That gives you your number. On the internet you find tables for your sex and age group what that number means.

  22. Great one 🎉btw coros have the fitness test aswell 😊

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