In Depth Crypto Analysis with Gareth Soloway | Evai Market Watch Live Episode 1 | $BTC, $ETH, $XRP

Crypto Ratings by Evai
On today’s Market Watch, Evai CEO Matthew Dixon is joined by pro trader and macro-economic analyst Gareth Soloway for a special episode filled with insights, market updates and plenty of TA!

After building his personal wealth through trading in 2004, Gareth left the financial industry to trade his own money and continue to study charts and technical signals. Having over 20 years trading experience in stocks, commodities and crypto, Gareth set his mind to helping people create an extra income through trading.

InTheMoneyStocks was launched in 2007 with Gareth’s goal being to help average investors beat the best hedge funds and traders on Wall Street by teaching them the methodology and giving them his trades as he took them LIVE!

Joining us from this year’s Future Blockchain Summit event, Matt and Gareth explore the general crypto market by analysing Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as we await the much-anticipated CPI data releasing tomorrow (Thursday 13th).

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Evai publishes the world’s best crypto ratings platform and issues the unbiased EVAI rating for 1000 of the world’s best cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. The EVAI rating is made unbiased through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning which leaves humans and their biases and motivations out of the EVAI crypto rating score. Learn more about Evai crypto ratings at


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  1. Awesome video (if a bit raw)
    Or as I like to say… rough, rugged and real…!!

  2. Thanks matt, can u share the xrp chart on twitter, can't see the levels on this video

  3. Hey Matt, great work with Gareth. Audio was a little off for your mic. Cheers for your insight

  4. Great interview guys. Loved the collaboration. I think you guys are two of best minds in T/A.

  5. Haha I don’t think garreth got the ai system or he’s studying on it right now. Bitcoin was made because of inflation. This is bitcoins big test coming up.

  6. Yes unfortunatly lots n lots of outside noise interferance.

  7. Matt, as much as I love learning from you, your audio is just horrendous . Great guest tho

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