how to MARKET your Music for FREE in 2023

Sky Jordxn
how to MARKET your Music for FREE in 2023

in this video I’m going over how you can potentially market your music and yourself for FREE. being able to market yourself is going to take a lot of trial and error.

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SKY JORDXN is an artist/engineer with an Audio Production Degree from Full Sail University. With extensive industry studio experience, Sky has had the privilege of working alongside renowned artists such as Gunna, Tokyo Jetz, Young Dro, Young Booke, London Jae, and many others.
On Sky Jordxn’s channel, you’ll find a wealth of valuable content aimed at aspiring artists and creatives. From recording and mixing tips to vocal melody hacks and songwriting tips, Sky shares invaluable insights to help you enhance your craft. Additionally, Sky showcases the process of making songs, provides guidance on setting up an iOS recording studio, and offers thoughtful breakdowns of popular songs in the “RAPPER Reacts” series.

In addition to Sky Jordxn’s impressive portfolio of collaborations with renowned artists, their expertise and influence extend to partnering with some of the top music companies in the world. Sky has had the privilege of working alongside industry-leading names such as Avid Pro Tools, AntaresTech (known for AutoTune), Waves Audio, Slate Digital, Voloco, BandLab, RapChat, Plugin Alliance, DistroKid, LANDR, Lauten Audio, and many other esteemed companies.

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  1. I just dropped a tape on apple “Ayeluheric x Last Day of Summer” hardest rapper/producer

  2. I needed this advice 🤝🏾 appreciate you bro

  3. Social media is a joke these days where the algorhythm shows what we post only to a very few of our followers. In my case I have about 200 followers on FB which means my posts are only shown to about 10 of my followers .I truly gave up trying to promote my music.Unless you have a lot of money or know powerful people in the music industry, there is no chance.


  5. What's good bro I fw your videos! Good shit!!!

  6. thank you for this video sky. I’ve been struggling

  7. You have to show love to get it back 🙌💯

  8. is my music okay ? tryna blow frl this yr ! <3

  9. Thanks, Man! This is precisely what I was looking for because I recently started producing a year ago. I have been struggling to find ways to promote and get feedback on one of my songs.

  10. Thank you for the advice I've been trying to figure out different ways to market myself and you help me a lot.

    Ps if you want you can check out my music a few songs id recommend is Demon and heartbreaker anthem

  11. Man you're the best I feel your vibes 💥

  12. Need help with making intros and outro

  13. Once we all realize we on our Own Team and the most important part of the team things will fall into place

  14. really good advice i do notice everytime i comment on a lot of reels on instagram i tend to gain followers

  15. And appreciate the free game bro u helped me out alot in my music background

  16. Voloco plugin update is coming soon. im looking forward to it.

  17. Appreciate it sky Jordan. You really helpful in leading us Artist in the right direction

  18. Yoo remember when you said you wanted to collab with subscribers but couldn’t think of nothing? I think you should do a competition of who make the best song and give something away to the top 3 like a mic or iPad or something

  19. Yo ur last BandLab video with the Apple headphones helped me make my bigger picture snippet

  20. I love you mahn, I like your staff, I am upcoming, just 1 song in buh I like the progress,,, U have given me what I needed….

  21. Listen to 🎧 👂 ystylesbaby. Modern age slatt rock 🪨 frmm central california

  22. Man this exactly what I needed, sky you prolly doin the most for the community rn tbh really appreciate you

  23. Awesome video! I will take the opportunity and take my shot : Sky take a look at my dope ass beats I am 100% sure that you can make a song in less than 30 minutes💯🔥

  24. I’m from uk and use most apps you mention, it’s for sure the best advice you could give, I’m actually in search for mix/masterer. Do u know any discord servers ?

  25. Thanks for the vid bro I been doing this rap shii for like 11 months and I been trying to progress every since . 💯✍🏽I’m way to underrated

  26. I love how he got SpongeBob playing in the background 😂😂😂

  27. I’ve been writing songs and rapping for the last 6 years and after this vid I’ve obviously haven’t been doing enough to be heard the talent is the easy part I just gotta get better at marketing that’s my #1 priority rn

  28. How do you feel about apps that do marketing for you? Like they're basically labels.

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