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Liz and Less
Join me on my debt free journey as I pay off 23k in debt (credit cards and student loans) as a single parent/solo income household with no real assets. I’m basically here to change my life. I’m also an Aussie in the USA, I receive a bi-weekly paycheck but I cash stuff weekly since I feel less broke giving myself grocery and sinking fund money on a weekly basis.

🤍 T H I S V I D E O
I spend New Year’s Day making food to help me with some nutrition targets AND to save money with an upcoming busy week. Meal prep with me!

Groceries: I spent $110 at Kroger using a gift card I received for Christmas.


Overnight Oats (not shown but here is the link)
Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies
Copycat Starbucks Eggbites:

Thai Chicken Buddha Bowls:
Runners High Peanut Sauce:

Dark Chocolate Banana Superhero Muffins: .

🤍 M E A L P L A N N I N G:

S T A R T I N G D E B T: $13695.56
✔️ SEP 1: $12674
✔️ OCT 1: $11414
✔️ NOV 1: $10327
✔️ DEC 1: $10560 (blame Helga)
✔️ JAN 1: $9253
✅ Sent to debt Jan MTD: $346.87 (I’m an idiot and accidentally paid more to Helga)

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  1. I love how you say you hate running, but so many of your recipes come from running books or websites 😂 the sweet potatoes cookies actually sound wonderful to me! One of my favorite things to eat is just air fried sweet potatoes. So I pop them in the air fryer with coconut oil and cinnamon. Then I dip them in maple syrup afterward 😬

  2. Without Limits Budgets With AarynLynn says:

    Absolutely love the way you did this and yes to peanut sauce especially with the noodles and veggies! Hold the meat, I’ll take anything but meat, but my kids will eat the meat, so these are some really good ideas! Absolutely love the way you’re doing it love a healthy meal prep just makes you feel so much better inside and outside and energy wise when you actually eat healthy meals Love it keep it up girl. 0:05

  3. Chef Liz is gracing us with her beautiful cooking skills yet again!!! Seriously, these plates look like they belong on the food network and in cook books!!!! Love it!!!!!🩷

  4. LOVED this!! I am trying to get into meal prepping again myself! Time is so limited and it’s hard to get back into the routine! 😊💚

  5. Also…you fold your plastic bags?!? Now that’s goals😂

  6. I love that you shop at Kroger too! So many familiar items. You are inspiring me you get back on my plan, Liz.

    You are absolutely right on how our food choices affect our lives in so many other ways!

    That chicken dish looks amazing! And healthy to boot!!!!

  7. I try to meal prep! What happens is I give up. One of my goals is to be more organized and consistent!🥰

  8. I love Thi food! The warm peanut butter sounds amazing.

  9. Great video, as usual Liz! Everything looks so good! We made a lot of Buddha bowls when my daughter was vegetarian. They’re easy to make and so pretty! I’ve never gotten the egg bites at Starbucks but yours look delish. 🤤

  10. Yeeessss post those recipes. I looove this!!!!!

  11. Love this video! We meal plan for the whole week before we shop on Sunday’s and it just makes the whole week run smoother. I must make both of these muffins!! Thank you Liz!

  12. Thai Buddha bowls and sweet potato cookies both look so good! I just popped a southwest casserole in the oven and am not sure a food video was the best thing for me to watch right now.😂 So hungry!! I love your videos, Liz. I can tell you put a lot of energy into making them. It can be hard to find healthy recipes so I actually really appreciate this series!

  13. Just started my meal planning going with my grocery funds…I hope this time I stick to it but like you said consistent is key! Everything looks yummy ❤❤️👏🏾love todays video thanks for sharing Liz❤❤

  14. You really make me want to get more disciplined with my food choices.

    Soda is my weakness. One that’s hard to break.

    I just am working on figuring out what my food triggers are, and logging how I feel.

  15. Hi Liz!!! I’m here!!! You’re gifted!!!

  16. This is getting me excited to start meal prepping again for a set schedule 💙

  17. Great video Liz! 🤗💕 Yummm, I need to try some of those recipes! 😋🥰

  18. yay!! I loooove meal prep videos, as I do meal prep also. But mine always looks different in that I’m making snacks, bread, or chicken stock. Just the season of life I’m in I guess!

  19. Exactly what we need after the slog of the holidays. That Buddha bowl… yum. I feel like I need a total reset, I drop cravings after a week or so of super strict restrictions but even just a bit sends me so far off the path.
    More breathing please 🩵

  20. My kids are still out this week. I’m trying meal planning! 🤞I 100% think eating sugar makes you crave sugar. Trader Joe’s has a great chili paste.

    I have a great recipe for a Thai peanut sauce! So good!

    I wish I liked eggs! Ugh!

  21. Ooooh happy me!! I love the food videos!!! Ummm, yes, please: I love peanut sauce. I’m drooling watching this. No Liz, I can watch you make egg bites every day. Sweet potato? Okay yea, I’ll take some. Oh yea, crusty raisins! Lol. I’m going to make those cookieish things

  22. Love ❤️ your videos, great haul .

  23. Here for Guinea Pig Liz and Less!!! ❤ I want to make this recipe of Thai Buddha bowls so bad.. I love everything peanut butter and when we do order Asian food they usually have the peanut crumble. I will have a go at this. And we just had spicy chicken thighs and baked sweet potatoes with garlic and rosemary last night! If the cookies are gingery and cinnamonny, I am all in. I love how the egg bites jiggle jiggle. 😂 Thank you for bringing back the meal prep videos!

  24. These meals look amazing!!! Great job!! I need to start meal prepping again!! Loved all of this!! ❤

  25. I was so impressed with the way you arranged all the groceries 👏👏👏👏. Do you have space to adopt one fully grown woman? I feel like I would never be hungry living in your house😁😁. I want some of those egg bites🥰🥰🥰

  26. That all looks so good, I would just vegetarian-ize it all! I love buddah bowls! Meal prepping is time consuming and I can't do it anymore. I used to do it too back in the day. Now I do mini preps, so I just prep bits and pieces of things and then I can just put various parts altogether depending on what I'm feeling like that day. But your stuff looks soo fantasmic! One thing about sugar and how you're making it, is that you KNOW what's in the food you are eating. That's the most important thing! 🖤🤍❤

  27. I need to start making sweet, but healthy snacks for lunch.

  28. Those sweet potato cookies looks delicious 🤤 great video Liz

  29. Chicken nuggets, chips and hot pockets. You def have a teenage boy! 😊

    I’m all about the salt, not the sugar. I could live off soda and chips 😂

    I don’t eat seafood either!

    Did your son eat everything you made?

    “Surviving and making it through parenting insanity”—either eat a superhero muffin or exchange voice messages with Liz 😍

  30. The sweet potato breakfast cookies look SO good! I need to try those. 🙂

  31. I love a good meal prepping video! I wish I was that organized! ❤

  32. I love these videos so much Liz 🥰 I want to try your peanut sauce recipe and I think in February when I’m not doing a no spend I want to get the inserts for my instant pot to make the sous vide egg bites 😊

    I know these videos take you the longest and they aren’t your most popular and even though I’ve said it before, your quality is seriously impressive and I can 100% see your channel becoming your dream where you have your dream A frame home ❤

  33. Hi Liz! Def guilty of editing out my hard breathing as much as possible 😂 that’s so cool that the restaurant is still open from your childhood. I would eat sweet potatoe cookie! I love sweet potatoes!

  34. Liz, this video came out so great! The voiceover, you can tell every word is intentional…and I loved that you left the noise of the food simmering in the background, such a nice touch. And 🤣😂 the sweet potato cookies sound interesting…”not a cookie”
    Eating sugar makes you crave sugar…if I am not the poster child for that! 😅🤦🏽‍♀️

  35. Hey hey Liz!! I am here for this healthy meal prep!!

  36. Wahooo…so excited that you are leaving some deep breaths in…lol!!

  37. OMG…that looks absolutely delicious! Come meal prep for me Liz….please please?

  38. These videos always make me drool. Sweet potato cookies. 🥰

  39. I’m a week behind, so catching up. Funny that you mentioned washing clothes on New Years. My grandma drilled into my brain that it’s bad luck to wash clothes on New Years Day (not sure why and neither does she 😂). Oooh, I loved watching the egg bites the jiggle jiggle 😂 all the food looked delicious 😋 🌬️ 💜

  40. I am just drooling over the bright veggies and such you got! I am opposite… Sweet stuff lasts forever with me but savory stuff is gone!! My hubby just eats everything and definitely has a sweet tooth! He does not like ice cream though! Oh I can eat so much peanut sauce!! I want to eat sweet potato cookies!! That sounds amazing!

  41. Currently running your playlist 💕💕💗💗💓💓 You're amazing!

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