GRAYSCALE Mentions ADA! Cardano TRENDING On GitHub! Angry Crypto Reacts

Angry Crypto Show
Angry Crypto Show React / Review, exciting updates for Cardano $ADA / ADA, the third time ADA has been trending on GitHub, Grayscale mentions Cardano in their infographic, and Gary Cardone asking abotu ADA?


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  1. ❤❤❤ $ADA, it’s trending because I search 🔍 every minute ❤❤❤❤

  2. I think the elders have collected enough #ADA and now they have started to praise it. Still trending at the first station 🙂

  3. Ada is always trending on GitHub. At one point it was number one for two years straight.

  4. Ergo is the bitcoin 2.0, Cardano is the eth 2.0

  5. I would be in dire straits if I am the OG of the game and needed Grayscale to plug me…..Who is Grayscale? if rhey had mentioned Hedera, Ocean Protocol and the likes, then ok…but not Cardano

  6. I think Revux´s RVX will be one of the top performers in bullrun 2024/2025.

  7. Revux's billboard is everywhere! Had to check it out. Presale details look promising!

  8. The potential of Revux's AI-driven investments is worth exploring. Presale entry point

  9. As someone who believes in the power of crypto, Revux's presale has caught my attention.

  10. BTC will go over 100k in the next year or two, that is approx 3x. Revux can do 100x if you get positioned well. Just check it out

  11. Act fast – the presale won't wait! Revux is getting sold out quickly

  12. The Revux presale is the talk of the town! Be part of the conversation and secure your spot in the financial evolution. Join now – your future self will thank you!

  13. I love your analysis, always on the point. And yes, Revux is a game changer. Great project!

  14. I like your picks, but these coins are already long in the market. I only invest into presales or private sales to get the best position. Revux has one now, and now is the time to ape in, not one or more years later.

  15. Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in the following year, Revux will outperform them both by far.

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