Friend Of Mark Driscoll and John Lindell SPEAKS OUT

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Pastor Friend Of Mark Driscoll and John Lindell SPEAKS OUT
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  1. Thanks for all your content from a 58 year old brother, just letting you all know your work is appreciated.

  2. the verses from Matthew dont apply here. The pastor didnt sin against driscoll so theres no reason for them to go private. Something happened publicly, so it was addressed publicly. They shoulda never had that "part" during the conference period. It was that moment that snowballed to everything that happened.

  3. As an AOG Pentecostal born again Christian. Lindell was 100 % wrong. I hope Doug clay calls Lindell to repentance. What Lindell did was a great misuse of scripture. It makes us Pentecostal’s look like we don’t follow the word of God. 37 years of my conversion to Christ the AG has served me. But if they don’t address this I may start to distance myself from the AOG. Lindell was so so wrong. I’m so saddened by his behavior. 💯

  4. Ruslan , please listen to the full fall of Mars Hill podcast .
    It is worth your time bro and you need to experience that truth .

  5. Ruslan,

    I have followed your channel for a while now.

    However, calling Driscoll a "super sweet guy" is shocking to me.

    As a matter of public record, Driscoll is grossly misogynistic, a vile bully, cruel, and a pathological liar.

    Driscoll's awful wrongdoings are so public and well-known that I can't see myself subscribing to a channel that overlooks such despicable behaviour.

  6. Dudes perspective is skewed towards Lindell because he scheduled to preach at his church. Ruslan, you didn't push enough scripture to show the reality of the situation. Usually you push, made me sad that you caved 🙁

  7. 3:45 that level of backlash would not have happened if mark Driscoll had handled himself better. I’m not saying don’t contest what he contested. But had he been mature. Self controlled. Honoring. And humble enough to actually make a difference with his contesting, this would not have become so destructive. At best the topic of the sword swallower performance and it being inappropriate would have actually made a difference and brought light to a severe oversight.

    And I do think Lindell was right ti expose the conversations. It gives context to the motives of Driscoll and exposes his pride. Driscoll cannot find anything wrong with himself/his words/actions. The man is a great teacher. But has incredulous pride. Great teachers are not great bcz they are right or bcz God is on their side and not their oppositions. Great teachers are great in spite of themselves bcz the gifts of God are without repentance.

  8. I don’t agree with your guest.
    I think he’s trying to play it safe.
    You don’t think Driscoll was perhaps a little taken back and even a bit shocked and then reacted to that??..let’s see how together you’re going to come across if you end up a little taken back in a situation that is offensive

  9. I don't think the Driscoll /Lindell thing was simply a private conflict that got made public. It wasn't about what Driscoll did, it was about what was in the conference, which was ALREADY public. This conversation is very disappointing. It's one thing to want to avoid coming against your brothers in Christ, but it's a whole other thing to completely ignore the real issue.

  10. I am a part of AoG. I think it was insane!

  11. FYI this dude preaches in Everett Washington and had benny hinn preach at their easter service last year.

  12. I appreciate the neutral call-outs Ruslan

  13. After listening to all of this, I believe Mark Driscoll hasn’t changed from his Mars Hill days. He is still good at teaching, but full of pride, arrogance, anger, and no self-control. Why did he make public something that could have easily be dealt privately? Lack of self-control and wisdom I would say.
    I’m also annoyed that Russlan and none of the other YouTubers seem to acknowledge or know of what happened in Mars Hill. I mean, it was such a big scandal that there was even a podcast dedicated to it. Why is Mark Driscoll acknowledged as a leader when he never repented of those sins? The whole mega church in San Francisco closed after the scandal. That was many many young souls that were affected by all this. Why has he not been held accountable? So disappointing to see leaders not held accountable for their sins in our Christian communities. So he will keep on preaching and acting like he wants without repenting.

  14. Is the Julie Roy’s report on Mark Driscoll true? Is it true Mark D said God showed him in a dream, the women he was giving marriage counseling to, having an affair ? If these things are true MD was never brought back into biblical restoration. Instead people gave him a platform. I never saw any repentance. I am confused about what happened.

  15. I know Pastor Russell and he's incredibly solid

  16. It wasnt private though, it was a public display. Mark even said he isnt calling one person out. So he wasnt trying to make it personal to one person. He was calling out what he believed to be a Jezebel spirit.

  17. Pastors should speak properly. The church should not be encouraging the cultural decline.

  18. Was a public issue not a private issue.

    Having a stripper on a pole is not good.

    The death threats are not good either. But just because people get death threats does not mean we stop calling out strippers on poles in the church.

    Satan does not want to be called out of course Satan will make death threats in response.

    Satan gonna do what Satan gonna do, that don’t mean we stop calling him out.

  19. This still sounds like a BIG L. Also, if you still are there watching after pole gate… 😳

  20. Man this is sad. The enemy is bold. But as Christians we can't be bold about doing the Lords business and His Kingdom. He publicly thought it was ok to have this performer. But he can't publicly be addressed? I didn't think it combative. All I see is a lot of hurt pride and ego needing to be stroked. The enemy is tricky. He's made it where the focus has been completely taken away for this poor judgment to have this type of performance and fully turned it around to "I need an apology" and broken egos. Smh open your eyes or be quickly and sadly deceived. Praying for them both.🤍

  21. the words repentance and and driscoll mix like oil and water.

  22. Area of amicable disagreement: I don’t know that it gives fuel for unbelievers as much as we think it does, or will, in fact I think God can and hopefully will be able to use even it to draw people.
    I know for myself, I am always hyper aware of anything that may dissuade unbelievers.
    Yet, I think it can be viewed as one of those REAL, RAW moments that happens within the house of God. In a world where we are often viewed as pristine polished and / or plastic at times, it’s one of those messy but real moments where we seek His grace.
    My 2.5 cents.

  23. The incident occurred publicly, so the rebuke being done publicly was completely in order. Old Testament prophets did not shy away from public rebuking, neither did Jesus or the apostles when the occasion called for it. Matthew 18 has been hijacked by their church world as a way to excuse missteps, and avoid correction.

  24. This guy is dancing around the answers 😂 not sure how I feel about him honestly….

  25. This guy knows Lindell is a big wig and doesn’t want to call him out

  26. Why is this such a weak conversation Ruslan? Stop beating around the bush, the event itself is ultimately revealing if the real problem, the conversations with lindell was more proof of whats wrong with him, hes not leading people to christ, hes making a mockery of the word of God

  27. This is something I’m realizing more and more. Anytime there is conflict, there’s always collateral damage. And sadly it’s rare that people ever consider that when they engage in conflict.

  28. “If Driscoll had spoken to him privately it wouldn’t have gone viral and we wouldn’t be here.” Nailed it. Driscoll’s a smart dude and we have the receipts.

  29. Has anyone considered very possibly that God allowed Marks spirit to be convicted to speak out while on stage on this Un Godly act of which Mark spoke on could come to light .if he had spoken behind stage before getting on stage
    Mark being human might of acted in the flesh thinking of his dear friend and not brought this to light !
    God sometimes has to intervene.

  30. I don't know if I believe the death threats. Who would even be making them? Other than Lindell, who is offended here?

  31. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not aware that Pastor Lindell took any ownership for the dubious decision to put the sword-swallower on stage?

  32. If Mark Driscoll would have pulled Lindell over in private
    Then the sripper issue wouldn't have been addressed and the image of christ would have been tarnished without repercussion .
    It had to be done public

  33. That was gay. Not a good look and makes me never want to attend one of these.

  34. Yo Ruslan, I have a genuine question lol. Why do yall wear IEMs while doing this? I think it’s pretty dope I was just wondering.

  35. Lindell has lost his way and should step down.

  36. I feel that a lot of people are tip toeing around John Lindell and avoiding calling him out for some very questionable and downright problematic things he's done and did. I'm questioning why that is.

  37. pretty sure a viral moment would have happened as soon as footage was released of a stripper at the event.

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