Free Reverse Vampire Survivors! | Vampire: NO Survivors!

“Mow thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you. ”

Well that is vampire survivors, in this game you do the exact opposite!


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  1. If I was supposed to kill that vampire I don't mind not being a surviver

  2. The game should have a timer like Vampire survivors has, because maybe you have a broken build and the heroes can't destroy all the coffins

  3. ignore everything except blob speed and chest damage, the slimes get 1-hitted no matter how much health upgrades. maybe upgrade minotaur

  4. What we learned: Gamers are better being villians than the "Heroe" counterpart.

  5. ngl I tried the game, enemies made it through the first 2 coffins, and then the game crashed xd

  6. Maybe call this type of game ”Swarm Defense”? Kinda like Tower Defense except you don’t use towers to defend, instead you use swarms of monsters.

  7. Basically chests/ slime/ ghost is all you need. thx.

  8. The game lacks hotkeys so you don’t have to keep bringing out the selection wheel. Also, that trap chest looks overpowered as heck.

  9. Made in 48 hours by two people for a game fest.

  10. I thought the shadows from the hill were thighs

  11. Just tried this game. I think Minotaur-spam is probably the most broken at the moment. After getting some buffs those dudes charge and instantly kill the heroes when they spam.

    Edit. Yeaaah, I literally can't lose at this point. The game has been running on background and all the enemies just die instantly.

  12. Is something covering the bottom half of your screen sifd? I noticed you almost never open any chest that spawns on the bottom half

  13. Love it. think I will go over & grab it.. cheers Sfd. TF

  14. This game is insanely polished for a game jam game! 😀

  15. I really hope this is a test for Vampire Survivors PVP mode

  16. would have keptwatching past 2 minutes but holy hell theres something in the game that when collected or interacted with makes the most painfull dog whistle noise

  17. sifd should have complained about explode on death even if its his unit

  18. Online multiplayer, this can give a breath of fresh air for byllet-hell games.

    Imagine exploring builds against human players!

  19. What about QoL Slime spawn Pillars? Limit how many off the start with option to upgrade amount in the chest…?

  20. The minotaurs seem to have an issue with getting stun locked by the AoE

  21. this is… very solid for just a proof of concept honestly

  22. Saw your comment on retromation's video on Sunday, and was wondering when you would play this!

  23. It is always fun a watch sifd play a game I already see another Youtuber play, because I know he will get further along and find a very effective strategy

  24. The theme for this game jam was "roles reversed". I think this game did that quite well.

  25. Boomer is a reference to left 4 dead not a gen z joke…

  26. They need to add expensive placeable auto spawners.
    Like 2k to place a spawner that sends a bat every second. 5k for a minitaur every second.
    Make them a rare drop from legendary chests, and a single use.
    Require them to be placed in proximity to your furthest forward coffin, and destructable by enemies.

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