Four’s Basics: Definitive Edition (New Fours Basics mod)

Learn math with Four! Everything’s (least) favorite algebra teacher! You (David) have been eliminated from BFB and Four has challenged you to collect all 9 of his Books, doing so will allow you to rejoin BFB! Be careful though, Four won’t make this easy for you and will chase you around the school to stop you.

On the way, meet several other contestants like Pencil, Rocky (to be added), Remote, Snowball, Flower, and more! Don’t be afraid to interact with (most of) them! Walk around and enjoy the schoolhouse while you can…


Key Authors
Eggdipie – Owner, director, idea man
GameDevin – Co-owner, major map making, major coding, textures, voice of Four
Benefond/Papara – Co-owner, minor map making, coding of Tennis Ball + other features

Big Boi Team (more to be added later)
AppleDX – Textures, voice of Snowball and Bracelety
sk_99 – Voice of Flower and Pencil
MrZardii – No YCTP tutorial (which I published), also helped with fixing Rocky’s code (aka the old Beans tutorial), made The Test prefab, and helped with Tennis Ball
Marvinfan69nice – General group helper

Original Authors
Loskythecopydog77 – Four’s Basics
TheoVazquez – Four’s Basics 1.4.3 Port; Fanart of Four (then and now)
Rookiemod – Four’s Basics in the EXIT
Ronxlotl – Four’s Basics (WIP page was made; mod cancelled)
tristan860 – Eternal Algebra Class with Four! (EXIT)
Jacknjellify – Making BFB (and causing this massive ripple effect)
mystman12 – Owner of Baldi’s Basics

Open Source Contributors
Porky Powers – BB Classic and Birthday Bash decompiles
Ghost1664535 – Original decompile owner
MissingTextureMan101 – Author of Open Source Baldi (which inspired(?) the PP decompiles)
MasterGeorge090 – Key Author of Open Source Baldi
AnalogFeelings – Key Author of Open Source Baldi
JohnsterSpaceProgram – Key Author of Open Source Baldi

Tutorial & Prefab Contributors
plutoniumbaldi32 – No YCTP tutorial (which I published)
CodenameBALDI – Automatic resolution tutorial (which I published)

Other Contributors
michaeljak – Tile lighting scripts
YuraSuper2048 – Optimized billboard, pickup animation script, texture shaders, Comic Pro Plus, ability to walk in teh jumprope (script!!!), also work on Automatic Resolutionn tutorial (which I published)
The Enkoded – Arts & Crafters spinny thingy majingy
saintza4 – Fixed Swinging Doors script
Daniilsuperx – Ability to walk in teh jumprope
PyroProGaming – Optimized pickup script, also made fanart for game (no name yet)

Website Contributors – Sound effects – AI enhancements to the voice acting

AlexDaModBuilder – Fanart (spotlight idoit)
jameer gamer – Fan4it (4)
jctotboi Studios – Four (brake at flake)

Special Thanks
Cherubble – A really good friend who was a big support for me during my early Baldi modding career, thank you for being very cool!
ThatOneFourBoy – Another person who likes Baldi and also has a Four profile, how cool!
Christopher the hedgehog – Being a very important part of my early Baldi modding career, thank you for taking the journey with me!
XlinwXD_- Being a very cool friend of mine who also helped me previously, thank you for helping me with advice and mods!
GameDevin – The bestest Baldi friend I have ever had, thank you so so much for helping me for over a year to make several awesome Baldi mods (idc he was credited before, I’m adding him again cause I feel like it)
Whaithy – The true queen / king of cools and coolness (plus the coolest thankerer ever)

Original Authors
mystman12 – Creator of Baldi’s Basics

Credit To Mystman12 For The Original Baldis Basics

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  1. Can you play Charlie’s really special high school 2.6?

  2. Cool! Play Duckie's Basics Remastered 1.6 in next video pls

  3. 2017: SCREEEEEECH
    Also 2024: hi im four nice to meet ya

  4. I like this video cause I’m a fan of Baldis basics

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  6. hi, i'm one of the main devs for this mod, thx for playing demo 1!
    demo 2 is coming in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

  7. Hi, I'm the main developer of this game, thank you for playing and I hope you enjioyed!

  8. hey there!! im the voice actor for pencil and flower. thank you for playing the first demo!
    the second demo is coming soon, so keep an eye out for it!

  9. Made one of the fanart pictures for the game (Brake at Flake). Thanks for playing!

  10. Finally I made my own mod in gamebanana
    And anyways. I love your content

  11. Heyo, I'm the guy in the credits, tysm for playing!

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