[ENG] Bali Major Lower Bracket Final & Grand Final

IO Esports
The Bali Major continues! IO Esports and Epulze partners up to bring the FIRST EVER DOTA MAJOR to Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩. Hosted in luxurious, beautiful Ayana Estate, we’re bringing the players a unique, relaxing, tournament experience.

12 of the best teams from across the globe remain, as they continue their fight for 3500 DPC points to secure a prestigious TI invite, and secure a 500,000 USD prize pool 🤑🤑

Lower Bracket Final
11:00AM – Tundra Esports vs Team Liquid

Opening Ceremony

Grand Final
4:00PM – Gaimin Gladiators vs Winner Match 17

It’s time for some Dota.


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  1. very little crowd.this is like some picnic or weddings and not a Major.Coupled with lot of technical problems and this is basically is not like Tier 1 ….total disaster

  2. kominfo just Banned Dota 2 in ( Indonesia ) and you able to play Tournament in Bali -indonesia VEry Funny

  3. Grand Final, Win Coz Of Comeback with Pause Strategy..Grand Final, Connection by BIZNET? Malu – Maluin Nama Negara Indonesia aja.. Para Pro Player bete itu, males datang lagi kalo ada Major di Indo kalo koneksi pake lu punya

  4. vyze gaming watch party indo jika ingin liat performa dari dota 2 jgn lupa sea games dota 2 cuys

  5. VCT Ascension, MPL, MCL (LOCAL/Sea) better than MAJOR DOTA 2(international) LMAO

  6. Wtf that question after you win damn hahaha

  7. The best Major ever, the sun bright so calming

  8. Many talks negative about Bali Major, but there is also people talks positive about it, that’s like a life, balanced.

  9. Tur internasional yg ikut tim² dunia vibes kek ala kadarnya

  10. team Liquid is cheating guys, they watch live match in mobile phone in the match room, that operator guy secretly hides the phone for them immediately after they win 1-0 with Tundra, please watch the clip again @ 1:37:03.

  11. Please do not host a major event again. Bad production and broadcasting quality , not worthu for the penny

  12. Ini sekelas internasional.. Bali major ko kaya kondangan nonton di aula luar. Wkwk

  13. Gamin Gladiators atropelou Liquid na final

  14. Liquid only really playing 1 game out of 4..? Why are they even in the finals. TI looking to be real disappointing with all the teams fluking out hard all the time.
    Need to renew the coaching across all teams to stop these crazy instabilities and lack of understanding. Both DL and Bali real disappointing when it comes to performance.

  15. Nisha and Quin 🥰🥰🥰🐥😍😍😍

  16. Why doesn't dota add a proper "Viewing experience" for pro matches, they're using the in-game spectate/replay. It looks so cheap and all over the place, the observers manually clicking the heroes and items, panning, etc. Every other e-sports has a separate and well design viewing experience, Volvo really cheap huh.

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