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Aria Budgets
Hi Budgeting Fam🧡

In this video I sort all my debt from smallest to largest using the debt snowball effect to determine which consumer debt I should pay off first. I will post again soon, but in the meantime SUBSCRIBE to my channel to support my journey to debt free.

About Me:
I’m Aria🧡, a single mother of two on a mission to get my finances under control.
My goal is to follow the Dave Ramsey plan -I KNOW!! IT IS NOT EASY! I am new in the budgeting family and will be documenting all the progress as I 1.Learn to create a zero base budget, 2.Save my 1st emergency fund of $1k, and 3.Pay off all my consumer debt. I promise to share all the ups and downs in hopes of possibly helping someone else along the way.

So if this is something that might interest you, hit that SUBSCRIBE and JOING THE GANG!

-Currently working on creating a Zero Based Budget
Next step – Save $1k emergency Fund

00:00 Intro
00:32 My why & Personal Story
01:34 Last Video Recap
02:41 The Debt Snowball
03:53 Payoff Priority List
11:39 Balance Calculation

⚠️ Disclaimer: I am not a financial or business advisor. All advise and experiences on this channel are my experiences and are shared purely for entertainment purposes 🧡



  1. I just found your channel and your numbers are so relatable! I’m also a single mama. Hope all is well & you are able to come back to YT soon.

  2. Hi, I just found your channel today since I recently started my own journey to pay off all debt. Great video!

  3. Hello, new Subbee here showing support! Congrats on reaching 1000 subs. Great job on your video💖

  4. Hi, new subscriber here! Congratulations on reaching 1k subscribers!! Great video!

  5. Great debt breakdown. Yay to 1k subscribers 🎉🎉🎉

  6. Hi Aria! I just subscribed to support you! I hope to start my channel soon as well! I need accountability! Good luck and I am behind you!

  7. I love you! You are loved, no matter yr past mistakes!❤🎊🎉🥰

  8. You got this and welcome to the budgeting community! I am new too, so I COMPLETELY understand what your going through, but your taking the first step by at least making a plan and trying to have a better future. Even if you take small positive steps, it's better than nothing at all 🤎

  9. So you don't feel the need to pay your family loan? Keep using that snowball method and maybe they'll get some money by 2040!

  10. Just being blunt This is literally a typical American femaleSingle mother Several kids High debt Stay single fellas

  11. Wouldn't it make more sense to consolidate the debt into one loan and only pay off that one loan vs all of this? Maybe you can get a better rate? I'm also thinking of ways to generate more income to pay the balance down faster. I feel ya, its so hard but you've got this.

  12. Well done for making a start, I’ll subscribe to support your journey. Cant wait for your updates xx

  13. I know this was hard for you to do, and I wish to encourage you the entire way. A suggestion would be to do a balance transfer on one of the cards and calculate what it would cost to pay it off in the 0% period. For example, your Chase card could be transferred over to a 0% card for 14 months (obviously, you want to be finished sooner), but by the time you've gotten to pay off that card with the snowball, you could dunk it. Use the lower payment with the balance transfer to pay off the debts ahead of it, and sink the amount due when you've reached that goal. Good luck!

  14. Wow!😮😯😲 $1692 per month, min payments only!!

  15. I love the way you explained everything! I loved listening to your beautiful accent! I learned from this video, good luck with your budget goal!

  16. If you don’t care about keeping the credit cards open I know citi(I also think Best Buy is through citi too) has payment programs that allows you to take your balance owed and pay it off over 5 years bring your interest rate down to zero. That might be something to look in to. We had to do that when my husband lost his job when the pandemic started. Call them and see if they can get you in to that. I think it’s called a debt management program.

  17. Should you not focus on the ones with the highest interest rates and work your way down? Rather than the lowest amounts and working up?

  18. I love learning new ways to get read of my own bebt

  19. Hi Aria. New subbie here. Congratulations on taking the steps to gain control of your finances. You sound like you have a good plan, now it’s time to execute it. Good luck 🤍

  20. Don't despair. It's waiting for that first debt to be paid off and then you'll feel like things are on a roll!!

  21. All of us in the budgeting community have gone thru this. In one way or another we have written out debt down and confront our past mistakes face to face. Don’t despair… we are here to cheer you on every time you pay off one of those pesky debts! Keep your chin up as we cheer you on thru the finish line!

  22. Hi Aria! Welcome and I look forward to following your journey ❤

  23. Way to stay accountable, the only thing I would suggest is making at least a $20 payment a month to the family member who loaned you the money. 🤗

  24. I hope u cut up all those cards n start to live on cash. Paying the minimum will take u 20-30 yrs to pay off if u don'r add anything more to them. So glad u are using the Ramsay method, this will really help u get them down n hopefully out of ur life forever, STAY STRONG

  25. I believe in you! I started working on my debt by originating a loan to pay off all my credit cards at once that way I could have only one monthly payment. That was easier said than done at first… I ended up with an additional 4K in debt at the end of 2021. January 2022 I put my foot down and started taking my budget super seriously. At first, I worked Door Dash in my spare time to help me pay down debt, but then I got a better paying job. I paid off over 20k this year and it feels amazing 🤩 it just takes paying off one card to get the snowball rolling. You got this

  26. They say a dream without a plan is just a dream, and now you have a plan!!! ❤ way to go!!

  27. Welcome! And can’t wait to take this ride with you!

  28. The hardest part is writing it all down…now your plan starts

  29. I'm also new in the budget community and just like you appreciate the support. There's something about seeing the views and subscribes that encourages and motivates to follow through with the budget. I wish you the best in becoming debt free🙏

  30. Thanks for your transparency! I can't wait to follow and support throughout your journey! 💜

  31. You got this mama! ❤ My goals are similar, I’m looking forward to watching your journey.

  32. Hi Aria! New subbie! 🙋🏻‍♀️💕 here to support you on your journey ♥️

  33. New subbie. Great video capturing everything and your plan. Great first steps. Seeing it all in writing isn't easy but it connects to your why. Look forward to following your journey 💜
    I love the dot pens!

  34. Hi sweetheart!! Welcome!! The budgeting community here is really supportive. When I started 2 months ago, they gave me a big boost with all their encouragement. Now I’m here to do the same for you.💕 Thanks for sharing your story & plan.

  35. New Subbie! Fresh Start Budgeting recommended your channel. This community is so supportive! I can't wait to watch you pay these off once by one! Love the dot pens!

  36. I like your plan. I will be here cheering you on😉

  37. Hello! New subscriber! Excited to follow your journey and cheer you on!

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