Chad Ryland: “I have taken the offseason pretty seriously.” | New England Patriots Press Conference

New England Patriots
Patriots kicker Chad Ryland addresses the media on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 following OTAs at Gillette Stadium.

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  1. Most important thing for a kicker is mindset. I believe Chad Ryland has the ability to bounce back. Don’t forget that 55 yarder he nailed to win the game

  2. Here before the hate comments…just keep working Chad

  3. This guys on the cut line even before he showed up.

  4. Talks a much better game than the product he put on the field last year. Hopefully he can make a big step forward this season

  5. I won’t hate on him right away. Last year was rough but he’s got a good attitude and work ethic. I hope he can really prove himself this year. But if not we gotta move on.

  6. i have faith chad can become an awesome kicker for us.

  7. Keep kicking brother! As a Pats fan living in Denver you gave me the highlight of the season out here.

  8. Just make kicks and we’ll like you lol. But hey this dude got us Drake Maye 🤷‍♂️

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