Carry Hero Tier List 7.34b


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  1. very nice tier list easy to understand and comprehend explaination the editing is also superb and helps a lot

  2. I'm a scrub, but I think I have the secret sauce for Spectre lane phase.

  3. Necro is S.. best carry right now just buy manta

  4. if bsj says bajilion damage on that hero, you should propable start using it and abusing it

  5. Marci is mid not suport , try and change my mind 😏

  6. I fail to see how CK's C tier. He ought to be in B tier at least. Yes he's bad at playing catch up but there's not a lot of matchups in lane he absolutely gets shit on. If you play your cards right which is at least getting a few kills in lane without dying twice then you're gonna be fine playing tempo post laning stage.

    It feels like Gyro being S tier is only applicable to Divine and Immortal players since these guys have the skills to absolutely hit item timings and outright end the game with a big enough networth lead.

  7. Can you make a video about Troll in 7.34B ? Builds and play style

  8. I think the pa ss rework is quite op And Rapier friendly too. Ive carried 4v5 games too

  9. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat sf and drow should be at least C

  10. another great content BSJ id truly the engineer of dota 2

  11. Nice but when will ed smurf come out that was played mont and half maby 2 monts ago man😢

  12. OK GREAT, now please do the mid tierlist because the midlane is extremely ambigious and in the top 20 heroes in the game there's barely any midlaners and we have no clue wtf is going on with this lane

  13. Crusader and lower seems every game goes 45+ minutes. Could you do any brief point on carries or whatever the video is next time about characters great late game even though they might be ranked low?

  14. jesus, this video is fantastic, the new editing and way of explaining things has improved a lot. the best of tier list of anythign i've ever seen

  15. SF doesn’t feel as bad as the other two, as long as you at least go even on lane he farms insanely fast, and he absolutely shreds towers with his level 15 talent. He is very reliant on his pos 5 early though – if you start losing lane, you’re in big trouble

  16. LMAO if you’re running away from people with Drow it’s an itemization issue. Maybe stop buying weak items and avoiding early wraith bands like they are a plague. Some people are just nonsensical in their hate for wraith bands. The whole issue is you’re building the hero wrong, playing it wrong, and then you play scared because you’re low impact because you think it should be built into the hero and don’t get some heroes need iitems but then can turn the tide of battle minutes earlier and you can early roam and hunt with drow and literally just one other body. Any body. But yeah no BSJ plays the weakest version of drow possible. Wands and bottles and shit, anything other than wraith and just being strong right? Right clicks are for noobs right?

  17. arc warden is just like….. insanely good still. definitely not F if you're good and know how to play him properly. Easily A-S.

  18. "no first pick anti-mages please" bsj you have never seen 1400 mmr players

  19. Great video! I'm looking to get into carry more this patch and this is a massive help. Plus, the editing was excellent, thanks!

  20. @bananaslamjamma I'm curious what you have to say about why Spec has an above-50% winrate in every bracket except immortal? And even in immortal, it's less than half a percent below 50?

  21. Furion just got picked as carry during China pre-TI

  22. spec is good in low mmr pubs right now if you go blademail manta then abbysal/ orchid into skadi instead of radience

  23. Drow is allways s teir for me. Got 78 % winrate over 40 games in archon

  24. Amazing editing, thanks for the educational content

  25. @BananaSlamJamma do you edit your own videos? Coz damn the production is really good, impressive.

  26. It's amazing to see my 2 favorite carries in S tier naga and void. They are insanely good at early to late.

  27. Sf is good in low mmr pubs because he can win his lane very easily even with a subpar support and he can also farm fast

  28. No way Sven is that high
    Every time I play him I get drowned with disables from the enemy team and they all just escape with force staff, pike, blink, glimmer, ghost scepter, ethereal blade etc.
    And bkb does not help with the enemies kiting.
    He is extremely dependent on having good teammates for disables and saves

  29. Surprised to see morph as low as D. I feel like he is pretty strong this patch, especially in the right hands.

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