Building An Army Of Simps – Old Realms Warhammer Mod – Mount and blade 2 Bannerlord

Jackie Fish
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🎮 Welcome to the world of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord with the incredible Old Realms Warhammer mod! In this epic gameplay session, we’re not just building an army; we’re building an army of simps. 💪

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📜 About the Mod:
The Old Realms mod brings the rich, dark, and magical world of Warhammer to Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. Experience new factions, units, and an immersive Warhammer storyline that takes your Bannerlord experience to a whole new level.

👑 In This Episode:

Recruit and train our loyal (and slightly obsessed) followers.
Explore the expansive world of the Old Realms.
Engage in epic battles and strategic warfare.
Uncover secrets and lore from the Warhammer universe.
Laugh, cry, and cheer as we lead our simp army to victory!

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0:00 Realm of thrones
2:16:00 Marvel Strike force

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