Best player in the world

Jczar 61908


  1. snowballio is easy on mobile, since you don't have to click with the mousepad. it's easier with a mouse.

  2. Bro I'm 3rd highest rank with 344 wins and average about 6 kills every game dude you suck

  3. Dude I average 6 kills a game and I just started and this dude only got 3 and 4 kills

  4. Give me a heart plz you gave my friend Levi one that's just bullying man your gonna make me cry 😥

  5. tbh I think I'm the best I literally just installed it and I'm already a champion 1 and my win rate is like 94% I am literally a pro

  6. I average about 5 kills a game, Or its all over the place cause mostly i get 8… I had like 273 wins like like 8 days

  7. 90% win rate and multiple 8 kill games

  8. How I PLay!
    Wins: 1267 (soon to be more)
    Rank: Mythic Rank 59
    Kills per game: usually around 6-7

    That’s how I play

  9. it is fake do not know that you don't have like a loading screen where it says joining on other players if that's not real it's fake so don't believe in

  10. You got seven kills I got every single one to get blown off like what all games

  11. You think you are good I've gotten like 10 7 kill games and I got over a 50% win ratio. LOL

  12. I got 300 wins in one month and didn't even play every day lol

  13. I get 8 kills per game lvl me 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  14. They still don’t instant i spam snow balls so fast and 1st place we’ll have fun getting destroyed

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